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    I need a solution

    Have a 5220 netbackup appliance which acts as master and media server.

    Recently upgraded to latest software,  Also, purchased additional memory and another storage shelf, which was successfully installed.

    Running along just fine, when i get a call from one of our "Networking Guys',  tracing packets for some other problems, but see an awful lot of traffic for a certain MAC addr.   And it's one - off from what's listed as the main interface for my 5220.  Not mine, I say.

    Well, he assigned the mac address a name and IP number and now, when I https to it, VOILA, IPMI interface for my 5220.

    How did this happen?  I looked at the back, and there is an ethernet-looking connection labelled IPMI, but there's no cable in it. 

    Not causing any trouble, but I would like to know if this is something new, or somethings that's been broadcasting a while and someone just noticed it.  Besides the "solving the mystery" aspect, I do have another appliance which I might like to get IPMI going on, and would really like to know what happened here.

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    I need a solution

    I ran a Phase 1 import on a migrated disk storage unit, and waited too long to do Phase 2; all the Phase 1 images have expired.  I try to re-run Phase 1, and it says the fragments already exist and are being skipped.  Running bpexpdate to un-expire the images does not work.  How do I start the import process over?

    This is NetBackup running on Windows.


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  • 04/10/15--11:36: Backup jobs failed
  • I need a solution


    I'm getting the message below on 2 backup jobs.

    4/10/2015 7:46:24 AM - Critical bpdm(pid=15280) Storage Server Error: (Storage server: PdvfsRead: Failed to read from spoold (Input/output error). Ensure storage server services are running and operational. V-454-19
    4/10/2015 7:46:24 AM - Critical bpdm(pid=15280) sts_read_image failed: error 2060017 system call failed     
    4/10/2015 7:46:24 AM - Critical bpdm(pid=15280) image read failed: error 2060017: system call failed    
    4/10/2015 7:46:24 AM - Error bpdm(pid=15280) cannot read image from disk, Invalid argument     
    4/10/2015 7:46:25 AM - Info; Report=PDDO Stats for ( read: 307390802 KB, CR received: 174226615 KB, CR received over FC: 0 KB, dedup: 0.0%
    4/10/2015 7:47:17 AM - Error bpduplicate(pid=12264) host backup id EDCPFILE_1428131051 read failed, media read error (85). 
    4/10/2015 7:47:17 AM - Error bpduplicate(pid=12264) host backupid EDCPFILE_1428131051 write failed, termination requested by administrator (150). 
    4/10/2015 7:47:17 AM - Error bpduplicate(pid=12264) Duplicate of backupid EDCPFILE_1428131051 failed, termination requested by administrator (150).  
    4/10/2015 7:47:17 AM - Error bpduplicate(pid=12264) Status = no images were successfully processed.     
    4/10/2015 7:47:17 AM - end Duplicate; elapsed time: 1:25:56
    no images were successfully processed(191)

    Our backup server is running on Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise

    Netbackup version is

    Any help would be greatly apprciated.

    Thank you,

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    I need a solution

    On DR isolated network, we recovered entire catalog. But we did see all volumes, devices and media servers which not existing in our DR enviornment. How can i manually clean them up from EMM?

    I will still need meta data, image files for my application restores.

    We are on HP-UX IA64.


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    I need a solution


    I have a backup job with 3 Windows servers. 2 of the servers were backed up successfully.

    I was having issues with the 3rd server and cancelled the job.

    Is there a way to start that backup job on the 3rd server without having to restart the whole job?


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    I need a solution

    Hi Everyone,
                  I have been reading a lot of forum discussions and documents to understand the behaviour of Netbackup for shadow copy components.

    We are using shadow copy components for our DFS and file servers. Backups runs for hours to get completed.

    As per my understanding, shadow copy components backs up system files, registry and all other system related data and puts in system state in BAR.
    All user data, ADAM and other relative data is structured within user data.

    There are different types of creating shadow copy using VSS.

    1. VSS full clone
    2. VSS copy on write (Differential copy)
    3. Redirect on write

    Does Netbackup use VSS full clone for shadow copy component?

    A regular shadow copy from windows is completed within few minutes.
    However, same data backup takes hours to get completed using NB. File backup gets completed soon.

    Kindly help.

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  • 04/10/15--16:17: nbdb is not available
  • I need a solution

    hi all ,

    please  i need a solution for this issue 

    i have netbackup 7.6 on windows server 2012 after an attempt to add a NDMP client (hostname : ) nbdb is not available 

    and services EMM is fail to start .

    Image sans titre 2.png

    Image sans titre.png

    Image sans titre 3.png

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  • 04/10/15--16:18: BE Services Stopped
  • I need a solution


    We have BE 2014 installed on windows 2012 Standard. After restarting the server due to windows update BE Services have stopped and not starting even manually. We changed the logon account to Local System but no benefit. It was working fine before restarting.

    Any Suggestions?


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    I need a solution

    sql 2014 is installed

    no backups will work, tried every options, makes no difference

    same error always

    -Error E4F3000F: Unexpected VSS writer error. Check the application event log for writer specific error. Failed VSS writers: SqlServerWriter.


    any ideas? 

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    I need a solution

    For Database policy configuration. I know that Default Application will created automatically when creating automatic backup.

    Now My Question.

    Do I need to specify backup schedules to default application backup. or it will depend on the automatic backup.

    Base on my experience when creating a backup policy for database. Only the autonatic backup that I seeting up for backup windows and schedules. I am not configuring the default application backup. When the automatic backup run the default application will also run.

    I need ur explanation about this, one of our customer asking for clarifications for this,


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  • 04/11/15--02:55: Vmware Backup
  • I need a solution

    Hello Experts,

    We have been planning to install vmsnapshot backups in our testing department. So we need to know whether we need to install nbu client on vcenter server.

    Or just need to put vcenter credentials on Virtual machine servers? 

    We would be taking snapshot backup from vmhost machine

    We are using Netbackup and OS Windows 2008 R2

    Vcenter Version:- 5.5



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    I need a solution

    Hyper-V host: Windows 2012 R2 in a farm using CSV volumes, with NetBackup Client v7.6.1.1.  Storage target is MSDP on 5230 Appliance v2.6.1.1.

    Before doing anything major inside the VM - Windows File Explorer (within the VM) showed 34.4 GB C: drive (which was 15.7 GB populated by Windows OS), and a 19.9 GB D: drive (which was 0.8 GB populated by NetBackup Client v7.6.1.1) - thus total disk space provisioned was 54.3 GB, and total used space was 16.5 GB.

    The steps I followed:

    1) I ran a test full VM backup, which saved 22 GB (clearly 5.5 GB larger than the used space).

    2) I then filled up the C: drive and D: drive to near full, and took another full VM backup which saved 53.8 GB.

    3) Then I deleted the temporary files, and emptied the waste basket, and ran another full VM backup, and it saved 53.8 GB again - even though total used space was back down to 16.5 GB.

    4) I waited 10 hours, and ren the full VM backup again, and again it saved 53.8 GB.

    5) Checked within the guest VM, and no VSS shadows are present/left-over after backups.


    Now, I know that Hyper-V VM backups do not have the feature of ignoring 'deleted' blocks, as per VMware ESXi.

    And I did have client-side de-dupe enabled on the Hyper-V host.


    The reason I'm posting this - is because I need to find out whether:

    1) This behaviour is just something that all backup admins have to live with.

    2) Am I correct in thinking that the NetBackup Client side de-dupe engine has to re-evaluate/re-finger-print all the deleted blocks every time a full backup is run?

    3) Is there anything that can be done from an Hyper-V admin function perspective to reclaim the deleted blocks?

    4) Is there anything that can be done from within the guest OS to trigger a 'deleted block' reclaim?

    5) If there is no deleted block reclaim function at the Hyper-V host layer or at the Hyper-V guest layer - then am I correct in thinking that... because NTFS is a 'scattering file system' (i.e. it does not prefer to over-write deleted blocks with new blocks) - that thus, slowly, or quickly (depending on rate of change) that at the Hyper-V host storage layer that all VMs will thus incrementally grow their 'thin' provisioned space up to the maximum size?

    6) If question 5) is true, then surely this have grave implications to not only storage capacity planning, but also to Hyper-V host CPU capacity planning - because this means that all 'thin' provisioned Hyper-V VMs will grow to max provisioned, and that all this "used at least once but since deleted" space has to be re-evaluated in CPU (i.e. consumes Hyper-V guest CPU, and thus consumes Hyper-V host CPU) and finger-print RAM (inside the guest) every time a full backup is run?

    Looking forward to discussing this.  :)

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  • 04/11/15--05:32: NetBackup vCenter Web Plugin
  • I need a solution


    I need help to install the NB VC web plugin.

    I have strictly folowed the following Howto : (I tell the same thing as in the official pdf documentation)

    ... I used an apache web server to host the plugin package and use an Vcenter administrator account to deploy the plugin

    The installation complete successfully.

    But the plugin does not appear.

    I guess that i missed something ...

    Plz, does someone, got an idea

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    I need a solution


    Hyper-V host:  Windows 2012 R2 in a farm with CSV storage (from SAN), NetBackup Client v7.6.1.1

    Hyper-V VM: Windows 2012 R2, NetBackup Client v7.6.1.1, and not many other applications installed, e.g. AV.

    Master/media: Appliance 5230 v2.6.1.1, with MSDP storage unit.



    1) A "full" backup of the guest VM using NetBackup Client inside the guest VM, it saves 111,000 files.

    2) A "full" backup of the guest VM using Hyper-V Host layer, with 'enable file recovery from VM backup' enabled, saves 242,000 files.

    3) A "full" backup of the guest VM using Hyper-V Host layer, with 'enable file recovery from VM backups' DISABLED, saves < 100 files.


    If I use 'dir /b /s' type commands to list the contents of the C: and D: drives of the client, I can see circa 242,000 files - of which 150,000+ are in the C:\Windows folder structure.

    So, each Hyper-V full VM backup with 'file recovery' enabled, causes an additional 130,000 file names to be recorded in the catalog for each full backup of each Windows VM.


    Now, we know that the NetBackup 'catalog' sizing documentation recommends to use an average file name length of 110 bytes when estimating catalog size, which is clearly good advice, because on a bare bones Windows 2012 R2 system, the average file name length is 113.36 bytes.


    What I'm leading to is... If a backup admin is to make wide-spread use of Hyper-V backups with 'file recovery enabled' at the Hyper-V host layer, then one will have to factor in the additional space required to 'catalog' all the additional file names that a plain client backup does not have to; because with a plain client backup at the guest layer using NetBackup Client within the guest OS, then the backup will use Shadow_Copy_Components: and System_State: which hides and abstracts the multitude of files which comprise the Windows OS.


    So, some simple calculations, if I have 400 guest VMs running Windows and I want to be able to recovery individual files, and I have a retention of 8 weeks, and I take a weekly full, then I will need, an additional 44 GB of catalog space more than if I were to use plain client backups:

    average len 113.36   bytes
    full plain backup 111,745   files
    full VM backup 242,027   files
    difference 130,282   files
    weekly full retention 8   weeks
    number of clients 400   clients
    total extra catalog space 46,153,556   KB
    total extra catalog space 45,072   MB
    total extra catalog space 44   GB


    And I guess there's also got to be some additional overhead on the master server receiving details of an extra 52 million files (i.e. 400 clients * 130,000 file names) each week, which have to be saved within the catalog.


    My question... Does the above seem reasonable?

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  • 04/11/15--11:44: Very Slow Backup
  • I need a solution


    We have Backup Exec 2014 installed on Windows 2012. Exchange 2013 backup is very slow. The disk configured for backup is 4 TB. Can the size of the disk be the cause of slow backup?

    Any Suggestions?


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    I need a solution

    Hi Team,

    I am new to netbackup and in a need to change tapes used with my netbackup. The set up is as below.

    Netbackup Master - Hosted on a windows server

    Netbackup media - Netbackup appliance

    The normal backups are going to VTLs created on NBA. The deduplication job running dudupes and write to Tapes. Now the dedup job is failing with error "insuffiecient space" . I need to replace some tapes used for dedup with new tapes, but without loosing the existing tapes data. That is in case i need a restore from the existing tapes, I should be able to do that, even thogh the new backups are going to new tapes.

    Could some one explain me the complete procedure for doing this.

    Thanks and regards


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    I need a solution


    In my backup exec 12 (ver-14). tryuing remove a server from the list in which never backed up anything. But after removing (right click & remove), that appear autometically after re open the Back up exec...Is this ned to remove from another option?


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    I need a solution

    Hi All,

    Is there any way we can check to see , What are the preferred bottleneck in a environment.

    Any kind of a script that can give you the desired output from the current Netbackup Configuration

    Also while doing hardware sizing for proposed netbackup solution is there any tool available we can check for

    I need your support on this


    Adivya Singh

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    I need a solution

    Hi all 

    We was using symantec 2010 R3 version in our company for backup but now we download and install backup exec 15 trial version which we will purchase after some tests on our server 2012.

    we have 2 external hard drives on which we take backup 

    We test everything and it working fine but the problem is how to change the path of backup files on drive. i tried alot but failed. it automatically doing backup on previous configrations which i want to change ..i am sending you the attached pictures where i need help.

    I tried alot but fail so please guide me 

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  • 04/12/15--03:38: job never ends
  • I need a solution

    Hi all,

    I have backup exec 2010 r3 sp4 with latest patches installed on a physical windows 2008 server with an ibm ds3200 storage attached. I am trying to backup a fileserver which is vm windows 2008 r2 on an esxi 5.5.
    The job is full backup on a backup to disk folder on the storage. The job hungs on random moments without an error or something staying on "running status" .
    I ve tried to uninstall and reinstall the agent but with same results.

    Any suggestions would be more than welcomed...


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