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    I need a solution


    I have backup exec 2014 installed on server [server1].  Then I have one more Hyper-V host server [Server2]. And in Hyper host server I have multiple hyper-v guest servers including [Server3].

    I want to backup VM [Server3] from [Server1]. Backup exec Remote agent is installed on [Server3] but remote agent is not installed on host server [server2].

    I have license for Hyper-V. But while trying to backup VM [server3] my backup exec server [server1] is not able to take backup [server3] i am getting error remote agent is not found on host server [server2].

    So my query is...Do i required backup exec remote agent installed on Hyper-V host system [Server2].. to backup guest VM...


    Santosh Pawar.

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  • 05/18/15--22:49: Connection to SQL Database
  • I need a solution

    Hi All,

    I am running Backup Exec 2014; Version 14.1 Rev. 1786 (Latest)
    On Windows Server 2012 R2

    Recently Backup Exec 2014 just finished it's trial time.
    I was previously able to connect to and backup SQL.
    I had already installed all of the required licenses on the server prior to this time.

    After the period ended, I am able to receive a connection from within Backup Exec to any of the SQL servers, but cannot open or backup the database in the selection list (I receive an incorrect logon error) The Backup error was not helpful either.
    I am able to connect to and backup Sharepoint and Exchange which are connected to the same license, Applications and Databases.

    Any help much appreciated,


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    I need a solution

    Dear Forum,

    I have a Solaris 11 master server which is on NBU

    I need to upgrade it to 7.6.1. When i start the installation i am getting following error message and the install script exits.


    root@ABCD# ./IDC/SW/NBU/NBUSRV_7.6.1/NetBackup_7.6.1_Solaris_Sparc64/install

    Symantec Installation Script
    Copyright 1993 - 2014 Symantec Corporation, All Rights Reserved.

            Installing NetBackup Server Software

    Please review the SYMANTEC SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT located on
    the installation media before proceeding.  The agreement includes
    details on the NetBackup Product Improvement Program.

    For NetBackup installation and upgrade information specific to your
    platform and to find out if your installed EEBs or hot fixes are
    contained in this release, check out the Symantec Operations Readiness
    Tools (SORT) Installation and Upgrade Checklist and Hot fix and EEB
    Release Auditor, respectively, at


    !  To help ensure a successful upgrade to NetBackup 7.6.1,
    please visit the NetBackup 7.x Upgrade Portal:


    you wish to continue? [y,n] (y)

    NetBackup installs to the running root environment, by default.

    Are you installing to the running root environment? [y,n] (y)

    No NB/MM daemons appear to be running.

    Please verify that any OpenStorage plugins located in
    directory /usr/openv/lib/ost-plugins have been certified
    for use with NetBackup 7.0 or later.  Starting with
    NetBackup 7.0, binaries are 64-bit; therefore, it is
    required that any OpenStorage plugin also be 64-bit.

    Warning for NetBackup 7.0 or later media servers:
    if the OpenStorage plugin is not 64-bit, NetBackup will
    not be able to access the OpenStorage device to perform
    backups or restores.

    Starting NetBackup Deduplication installer
    testing: /tmp/pdde_pkg_dir_18480
    Checking for SYMCpddea package...
       Package SYMCpddea found.

    NetBackup Deduplication software is installed.

    NetBackup Deduplication is not yet configured.
    NetBackup Deduplication preinstall check passed

    Checking for required system conditions...

    ok nbdb_ntfs_dir_symlink: inapplicable on solaris: skipping
    ok remote_emm: No remote EMM is detected

    Checking for recommended system conditions...

    ok semaphore_limits: semaphore limits are high enough
    ok ulimit_nofiles: nofiles ulimit is "unlimited"
    ok nb_761_hotfix_auditor: No potential for regression of hotfixes or EEBs was detected.
    NetBackup is currently at release level
    This package will install release level 7.6.1.

    Checking for pre-existing SYMCnetbp package.
    Installing SYMCnetbp package.

    Processing package instance <SYMCnetbp> from </IDC/SW/NBU/NBUSRV_7.6.1/NetBackup_7.6.1_Solaris_Sparc64/solaris/anb/SYMCnetbp.pkg>

    NetBackup and Media Manager(sparc)
    pkgadd: ERROR: attempt to process datastream failed
        - process </usr/bin/cpio -icdumD -C 512> failed, exit code 31
    pkgadd: ERROR: unable to unpack datastream

    Installation of <SYMCnetbp> failed (internal error).
    No changes were made to the system.

    ERROR:   Failed to install SYMCnetbp on ABCD.
             Cannot complete the install.

    == Checking for pre-existing package ==
    package SYMCnetbp is not installed

    ========= Installing package ==========

    File /usr/openv/tmp/install_trace.18422 contains a trace of this install.
    That file can be deleted after you are sure the install was successful.


    Pls. suggest the steps/pre-requisities to complete the upgradation successfully.


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    I need a solution


    I'm new to my backup support role so apologies if I'm missing something basic here.  I'm after some helps or pointers please to a strange situation.

    I have a backup job running on Backup Exec 2014 (SP2 installed).  The job itself takes over a week and the last time it ran I gave it 11 tapes to chew through as this is what it needed last time, however, this time the data had grown and an extra tape was required.  I inserted a brand new tape, scanned the slot, and the job continued.  The issue I have is that when it got to the end, the job failed with the error:

    A communications failure has occurred

    The connection to target system has been lost. Backup set canceled.

    If the job will fit onto the tapes that I give it from the start then it doesn't fail, if it requires more then I get the failure, the same happened the last time it ran.

    As I mentioned earlier, I'm just getting to grips with all of this so any help or pointers would be much appreciated.

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    I need a solution


    we have master and client on

    it is possible to restore file visible from rman


    and restore it as a file?

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    I need a solution

    One more issue my remote servers arent accepting the install therefore meaning it wont work correctly on them would you know why keeps throwing up a permission error and I have got permissions in the following file


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    I need a solution

    Is it possible to enable checkpoint restart of restore jobs in backup exec 2012 


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    I need a solution

    Hy Guys,

    This is my first Post on SymConnect, I had Symantec Backup Exec 2014 SP 1 Project on 4 Month ago. Let me explain that first :


    # Sunday - Thursday = Incremental Job : 8 Tape

    • Sunday On Week 1 : Tape 1 ------ Thursday On Week 1 : Tape 4
    • Sunday On Week 2 : Tape 5 ------ Thursday On Week 2 : Tape 8

    Media Set is "Incremental Job"

    • Overwrite Protection Period : 8 Days
    • Append Period : Infinite - Allow Append

    # Friday = Full Backup Job : 4 Tape

    • Week 1 : Tape 1
    • Week 2 : Tape 2
    • Week 3 : Tape 3
    • Week 4 : Tape 4

    Media Set is "Full Job"

    • Overwrite Protection Period : 3 Weeks
    • Append Period : Infinite - Allow Append

    # Job Settings

    When The Job Begins : "Append To Media, Overwrite If No Appendable Media Is Available"

    Media Overwrite Protection Level :  "Full - Protect allocated and Imported Media"


    Now, My Tape for FullBackup Job Is Full. There are many expired Backup Set still exist on all of my Tape!

    Can you tell me Why?

    And give me advise, best practice to configure OPP and Append, So when my backup Job Run For the second time with the same tape, the last backup set will be overwriten/replaced with new backup set.


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    I need a solution

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    I need a solution

    Hi there,

    Using the BE appliance 3600 R2 2012, is it possible to customize the time to run the automatic update in the web console, as shown in the screen shot?


    be web update.jpg

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    I need a solution


    Is available to make backup storage location on local drive ? Like USB drive


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  • 05/20/15--02:10: Threshold of 90%
  • I need a solution


    Client want to know if  expired backups from our DR server can dedeleted. Right now they are above the threshold of 90%.

    I believe expired backups are subjected for overwrite right?

    What is the workaround if threshold of 90% is reached?

    Thanks is advance!

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    I need a solution

    Hi All,

    We have netbackup 7.1 installed on Solaris server. We are using LTO4 & LTO5 tapes for backup. I need a help to find the maximum block size for LTO4 & LTO5 tapes. Is there any way to find it out from netbackup end.

    Some NDMP jobs are there in my environment and Data buffer size for NDMP is 64kb which reduce the backup throughput. I wanted to change it to 256kb for better performance but before that I wanted to check the maximum block size of tape.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I need a solution

    We are backing up an ESX virtual server 2012 box and getting an exception 

    "During Granular Recovery Technology (GRT) operations, the necessary boot configuration files could not be loaded. Backups that were enabled for GRT may not be available for restore"

    which means we cant do a granular recovery.

    This server has 4 disks spread across 2 datastores.

    Any ideas how to fix this.?

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    I need a solution


    We currently manage about 20 different BackupExec servers in our organisation, all varying versions.  It is my understanding that I can install the Backup Exec Central Administration option and add my servers to manage (view job status, etc) from one server in a consolodated list as opposed to logging on to 20 different servers.  I have installed a trial version but cannot see an obvious way to add the other servers to manage.  Can anyone help please?


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    I need a solution


    I just purchase Backup Exec 2014 as said It support Esxi

    But, I would like to know if it (BE 2014 )can backup Vmware Vpshere Esxi 5 virtuel machines ;  we have 3 vm

    Beacause we have free licensed version of Vsphere as we do not have lot of VM and ressources.

    Also, Will it backup also the Vpshere OS or only the VM on it.

    Thank's for help.

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    I need a solution

    How can i delete a BackupSets there are Expired and have a Unknown Storage.

    There is only one Storage in use and in the past was another Storage in use. But this Storage was deleted.


    - intensiv Cleanup from DB  --NOT SOLVED

    - Inventory and Catalog from Storage  --NOT SOLVED

    - Updates and Patches installed  --NOT SOLVED

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  • 05/21/15--00:28: Backup Failure E00084AF
  • I need a solution


    I've got Backup Exec 2014 SP2 (version 14.1) running on a Windows 2012 R2 server. One of the jobs is the back up to a LTO-5 tape library of some VMs, databases and a file server. It runs in the evening: incrementally from Monday to Thursday and a full back up every Friday.

    Most of the job is OK (VM's and SQL DB's hosted on a server other than the file server). However the file server fails nearly every time. The failure point changes every time it fails, so it cannot be caused by one specific directory/file. Once BE "decides" that the directory or file was not found or could not be accessed, all the directories that are after the problematic one in alphabetical order will be ignored as not found or not accessible. The same file/directory may be backed up the next day without a problem. 

    The file server is the last part of the job but the failure is random in appearance: it is not time specific or path specific. It cannot be linked to a specific file format either. And sometimes the job runs successfully with the whole file server backed up.

    The most frequent error code is E00084AF (about 50% of the time) then E000FE09. 

    Note that the file server is currently hosted on a server that also hosts VM's. Those VM's are backed up in a separate, longer job to a LTO-6 tape library.

    Any suggestions?


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    I need a solution


    I have just received a replacement work PC, I installed the Remote Admin Console as before but find that a number of Netbackup commands fail due to an "undefined EMM Server".

    Some commands can be run if I specifiy the EMM Server explicity but others such as nbstlutil fail to run no matter which parameters I specify, including "nbstlutil help" which generates ": invalid NetBackup configuration: EMM Server is not defined".

    Old PC = Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 32bit

    New PC = Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 64bit

    Both PCs had Netbackup 7.5 installed and patched to

    Do you know what configuration setting might be missing on my PC that means that it is unable to identify the EMM Server?



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  • 05/21/15--02:23: BE 15 installation hung up
  • I need a solution

    According to supprot's advice, I upgrade BE2010 R2 to R3 and then run BE15 setup. The setup program keeps waiting for SQL Service Group Accounts Security Identifier(SID) Check and cannot continue? What can we do?

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