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    I need a solution

    One of the SQL Server 2012's database having size 148GB randomly failing. Some time database backup sucessfull and some time it failed.

    DbClient log file is attached.

    Please help.

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    I need a solution


    i ve some strange error, first my windows update on the server stops working.

    see here

    i remove (deinstall) the cps server. now the windows update works.

    but every backup i get the following error: 

    Endgültiger Fehler: 0xe000fec2 - Beim Zugriff auf die Snapshot-Handle trat ein Fehler auf.
    Endgültige Fehlerkategorie: Ressourcenfehler

    Some solution for me?

    thanks a lot

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  • 05/21/15--02:41: VM Instant Restore failed
  • I need a solution

    Hi Experts

    I am trying to perform a VM instant recovery but failing with error code 5

    Backup server is Windows 2008. Nbu

    Media server/Backup host : Symnatec Appliance 5230.

    I am restoring the vm using below command but the job is failing without completeing teh task

    As instant recovey does not support linux backup host(appliance), i am putting master server(win) with -vmproxy 

    nbrestorevm -vmw -ir_activate -C TESTBACKUP03 -temp_location XXXX -R C:\vmrestore -vmproxy masterserver -vmpo

    C:\vmrestore contains  change vmname to TESTBACKUP03_New

    Logs below

    5/21/2015 1:28:50 PM - begin 
    5/21/2015 1:28:50 PM - Info bprd(pid=7324) Waiting for Instant Recovery job to end      
    5/21/2015 1:28:50 PM - Info bprd(pid=7324) Starting to export a backup image on the media server appliance
    5/21/2015 1:28:52 PM - Info bprd(pid=7324) Backup image has been successfully exported on the media server appliance  
    5/21/2015 1:29:01 PM - Info bprd(pid=7324) Backup image has been successfully mounted  on the server esxhost
    5/21/2015 1:29:01 PM - Info bprd(pid=7324) Starting to activate a virtual machine on the server esxhost  
    5/21/2015 1:30:08 PM - Error bprd(pid=7324) Failed to activate a virtual machine on the server esxhost   
    5/21/2015 1:30:08 PM - Info bprd(pid=7324) Starting to unmount a backup image on the server esxhost   
    the restore failed to recover the requested files(5)

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  • 05/21/15--03:58: Drive Issue
  • I need a solution

    Hello Experts,

    What are these below errors? We have these error in our master server's event logs. Expereincing multiple 98 error codes.

    1:- TLD(0) key = 0x2, asc = 0x4, ascq = 0x3, LOGICAL UNIT NOT READY, MANUAL INTERVENTION REQUIRED

    2:-TLD(0) drive read_element_status error

    3:-TLD(0) going to DOWN state, status: Unable to sense robotic device

    4:-Request for media ID RTY879 is being rejected because mount requests are disabled (reason = robotic daemon going to DOWN state)

    5:-TLD(0) [4204] timed out after waiting 855 seconds for ready, drive 8

    6:-TLD(0) mode_sense ioctl() failed: The operation completed successfully.

    7:-Unable to send scsi command, ScsiStatus = 0x2

    8:-TLD(0) [14832] Could not get serial number for robot \\.\Scsi1: (SCSI coordinates {1,0,2,1})

    9:-TLD(0) going to DOWN state, status: Unable to open robotic path

    10:-Invalid magic number from client tnmmnetmed02p

    11:-TLD(0) unavailable: initialization failed: Unable to open robotic path

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    I need a solution

    I wish to back up my Oracle 12c database direct to tape using Netbackup client 7.5 for Sun Solaris 10 however the oracle_link script says it isn't compatible with database

    What options do I have?

    Obviously I could backup to disk and then use a standard policy to copy rman dumps to tape but I would rather use the Oracle policy.

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    I need a solution

    If a customer is unencrypting all their tapes using NetApp DataFort and a Brocade Encryption Switch (these platforms did the initial encryption and both are EOL), and then if the customer encrypts these tapes using NBU, will the new encrypting of these tapes affect the NBU catalogue. Will the re-indexing happen properly?

    (I hope the question makes sense)

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  • 05/21/15--13:54: How read the HCL?
  • I need a solution

    I am lookng at the Hardware compatibility list for BExec 2012.

    1. What does the column mean that says "Library Inquiry/Drive Inquiry"?

    2. I dont see the HCL for BExec 2010.  Is Quantum i40 Scalar on it? How about Overland NEO Storageloader.  More details....hmmm.  Hmmmm, maybe better if ya point me in direction of the HCL. Thanks!

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    I need a solution


    Looks like the manual implies there is not need for seperate MS-SQL backups as they automating included in the policy type - MS-SharePoint ....a correct assumption?

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    I need a solution

    Hy Guys,

    Configuration On Storage that Say "Allow Backup Exec To Delete All Expired Backup Sets", is it work for Tape Based Storage too or Only the Disk Storage?



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    I need a solution

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  • 05/22/15--00:19: Status 1537 for NDMP backup
  • I need a solution


    What ever the backup triggered for Netapp CDOT cluster node is failing with 1537 after migrating the backups to DD from tape.

    it is not even showing any parent job or will have only one job whill fail with 1537.

    I have added wrok around provided in belwo tech note bit still issue persist

    Please help


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    I need a solution

    Dear All,

    I have HP LTO5 ultrium drive at one of our sites and one master server enterprise licence that is not use. I thought that I could use this with a tape drive as an (AVR) standalone drive to bakcup some data everyday.
    I have installed HW for the server and win 2008r2 enviroment is also installed, with installed HP tape drive drivers on it. I have also installed nb master server software 7.5 as well.  It can see the drive as well with ready status.
    My questions how could I use single drive to save data on it?
    How can I read the tape content without a barcode reader in tape drive?
    Is it possible at all to use NB master server this way with only a single drive without robot and  barcode reader?
    What is the process of creation volumes, nb configurations?

    I have libraries other sites but here I think I have to set volumes one by one somehow and put them to standalone volume group?

    Can someone guide me through this?

    Thank you in advance



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  • 05/22/15--01:00: Error 42 Netbackup 7.5
  • I need a solution

    Hi all

    It is impossible for me to backup my server (windows 2008 r2 64 bits, size about 2TO).

    I always have error 42.


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    I need a solution

    We have two StorageTek SL8500 running most of our tape backups, and they are located in two different facilities. The one facility is not optimal and we want to compare drive read/write errors between the two libraries to see if the poor facility is having an effect.

    My initial idea was an SQL query joining the domain_JobArchive table (for the statusCode column) with the domain_TapeLibrary table (for the serialNumber column). This did not work, as the count of status code 84 and 86 was the same for both libraries

    The problem is that the domain_JobArchive does not store the statusCode information by anything I can use to distinguish the libraries, as far as I can tell. 

    Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance.


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    I need a solution

    we configured oracle backup using netbackup. Policy type is 'oracle'. configured daily backups and archived log backup. our client is requesting to give privilages to them to trigger archive log backup. I believe there are commands to trigger archive log backup from client itself  without using netbackup GUI. Please share the command to trigger scheduled archived log backup manually from client end.

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    I need a solution

    Greetings,  I've looked all over and have seen conflicting ideas and need clarification.  I have added my backup setup below.

    1 Master & Media server with direct attached storage 2 Drive library direct attached

    ~40 TB (will grow in the 80 range when project completed) NAS Head Equalogic Container with 3 sub containers (I.E. /Departments /Programs /Users)

    The NAS is being backed up by NDMP of course.  I have three policies setup to allow multistreaming, the  library SU is set to run multiple drives, the global attributes are set to allow multiple.  I understand I cant multistream to Tape unless I setup individual backup selections rather than the implied inclusion by using the sub container.  Using one LTO5 drive takes longer than our backup window allows. When backing up the NAS to Disk which DAS we get about 120MB/s so that is something along the lines of 432 GB/h D2D over NDMP.  I assume this is just the increased performance compared to writing to tape.  

    I don't want to have to make explicit backup selection every time we create a share because someone might miss it and its more "overhead" for our understaffed department.  The SAN admin cant resize the containers and doesnt want to have to create new ones if we dont have to since we would lose the space.  

    Ultimately we will have two DAS totaling about 100TB attached by SAS to our media server.  However I have to move the data that is on them to the NAS before moving them to the current media server.  I will then setup the disk staging storage units to copy to tape not having an effect on performance of the live data medium.  We will also gain two more drives to the logical library once that data is moved and I can decom the old backup server.

    Here's what I'm requesting help on:

    1) Is there anythting I should look into in the current config to increase performance

    2) Multistreaming isnt possible with one backup selection ever?

    3) Would it be ideal to split the containers add them as 2-3 TB "slices" and add each of them as backup selections effectivly allowing to multi stream with one policy per container type? (This is my preference, based on my understanding)  I could do ~7.2 TB w/4 drives over 10 hours if my math was right direct to tape.

    Thanks for your time, Helping a novice netbackup user.

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    I need a solution

    After much fighting with slow NAS products, I built a custom NAS server to act as my dedupe store. The new NAS has enough computing power and storage to do IOPS that exceed the local disk on my media server, never mind that of the old NAS devices.

    The problem is what to do with my old tape backups and dedupe stores on the older NAS devices. I want to duplicate my backups to the new dedupe store on the new NAS. Most of it is OS backups of multiple virtual machines, which is where dedupe shines, so I don't expect much wasted space.

    Copying backup sets from my tapes to the new dedupe store is straightforward, and I can then use the tapes to do disaster recovery backups of the dedupe store. But how do I copy backups from an older dedupe store to another when I can't mount two dedupe stores on the same media server? Can I install another media server and use a temporary license for the server and dedupe store, and then replicate the backup sets between the media servers?

    Part of the challenge is the old dedupe stores (there are two) were made on Backup Exec 2010 R3, and the current media server runs BE 2014 SP2. I know I can attach an old dedupe store to a new media server, and it would take some time to convert it, but I'd be OK with that. I imagine inventorying the old stores would take several days, and I'm OK with that too.


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    I need a solution


    I spoke with Microsoft about the mimimun requirements for restoring an Exchange 2007 database in an Exchange 2010 environment.

    Essentially, what 2007 roles can I uninstall and still restore a 2007 database.  The response was a server with the mailbox and CAS roles.

    We have multiple mailbox roles and given that the discussion didn't include what the Symantec Netbackup requirements are, I'm wondering if the answer is complete.

    If I uninstall an Exchange 2007 mailbox role from the Exchange organization, can I still use Netbackup to restore a mailbox from a database that resided on that server on another 2007 server using its Recovery Storage Group?

    If we take a simple scenario, an environment without any 2007 roles, can your restore a 2007 database if you decide to install a new 2007 mailbox role with a new server name?

    What are the Netbackup conditions that must pertain to restore an  Exchange 2007 database using a Recovery Storage Group?

    Do you need a server with the same server name when it was backed up because Netbackup is aware of the path of the database and expects to see it in AD and it needs to restore to that path?



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    I need a solution


    We are creating MSDP deduplication pool of 16TB. Backened storage is hosted on Raid 6. I have read it in admin guide that it is recommended to have the deduplication pool in different volume possibly on faster raid group like Raid 10.

    But I am not able to find out what should be the size of that different volume? Please let us know if we have some time of mapping table that for this much storage we need this much of databse space. We need to carve out that much big LUN from the storage and assign it to the media server.

    Hope my question is clear.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I need a solution

    Noticed that using //drive/folder vs \\drive\folder to map a network drive doesn't seem to work when using SSR 2011 to recover a backup.

    Could someone vaerify this for me?


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