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    I need a solution

    Hello all,

    We are observing a strange scenario. For the RMAN backup, we are not seeing any failures at NBU end, but the DBA's are getting the following alert:

    RMAN-00571: ===========================================================

    RMAN-00569: =============== ERROR MESSAGE STACK FOLLOWS ===============

    RMAN-00571: ===========================================================

    RMAN-03009: failure of Control File and SPFILE Autobackup command on ch01 channel at 06/13/2015 13:32:24

    ORA-19506: failed to create sequential file, name="c-2981266559-20150613-00", parms=""

    ORA-27027: sbtremove2 returned error

    ORA-19511: Error received from media manager layer, error text:

       Failed to remove, c-2981266559-20150613-00, from image catalog

    Please can you guide me for which logs to check to unerstand the error and how to resolve this?

    i am not getting any error at NBU end.

    NBU master-Appliance 5230:

    NBU media-Appliance 5230:

    Client: LINUX red hat 5.6:

    i have been looking for hints on all oracle and NBU forums and articles but not a clue.

    please help.



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    I do not need a solution (just sharing information)

    You want to export files from Client Catalog (NetBackup 7.6 *) to know what you have 

    For Example : 

    i was need a Verint Files to know What Days we have a record track ( phone recording ) 

    from the beginning we start back up end record and all the fail we not backed up 

    the script cod for nbu on master : 

    bplist -C (Client\Host we backedup ) -t 13 -b -R -l -I -s mm/dd/yyyy -PI "example*.jar*"> c:\nbu.txt

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    I need a solution

    We are running Netbackup version 7.6.2.

    We have four drives and all of them are active. But when I just looked at the activity monitor, I found that only 2 of the 4 drives are actually used at any point in time. There are jobs waiting in the queue with a message ‘No Drives available’ even though they are two drives un-used.

    I can see the Max Concurrent Drives is configured to be 4 in both Master and media servers.

     ./vmoprcmd -d ds

                                      DRIVE STATUS

    Drv Type   Control  User      Label  RecMID  ExtMID  Ready   Wr.Enbl.  ReqId
      0 hcart    TLD                -                                         No       -         0  
      1 hcart    TLD                -                                         No       -         0  
      2 hcart    TLD                    Yes   H01522  H01522     Yes     Yes        0  
      3 hcart    TLD                    Yes   G00006  G00006     Yes     Yes        0  

    Even though the drives are shown as not ready, they are being used but the problem is only two of them are used concurrently.

    Due to this the backups are lagging behind... 

    I am relatively new to Netbackups. Any pointers on what could be the issue and how can I check it up further?

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    I need a solution
    Recently i just experiencing strange issue with restoring backed up data.
    If you can see in bellow snaps, one of our file server is having many data under: D:\dfs\data\Osnabrueck\..... directory.
    I can see data from backup job selection list too.
    Yesterday we had full backup of that file server & i was trying to restore one folder that was backed up.
    Unfortunately can't find any data under that directory. Please have a close look over the snapshots.
    It will help you to understand the problem properly.

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    I need a solution

    Forgive my English first,
    I have configured a Hyper-V cluster with two nodes and a storage cabin.
    When I make a backup of the cluster gives me a different subnet always bug, there is a specific procedure for backing up a cluster of hyper-v on the other subnet.

    Version agents,

    version agente.png

    Cluster Subnet Backup

    Cluster red de Backup.png

    Cluster subet production

    Cluster red de producción.PNG

    Name server CSV Cluster

    Nombre de servidor.png

    thank you,

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    I need a solution

    I'm doing backups with Symantec DLO version 7.5 SP1 and can not I make more than 3 versions of the pst mail account, I have this configuration:
    Because it could be?

    symantec dlo.PNG

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    I need a solution

    Hi all,

    We has been duplicate images from tape to disk (data domain), because the backup retention in tape are differents from the data domain backup.

    So, we can see that the image duplicated to data domain expire after a few minutes.

    System Informations:

    Netbackup version:

    Master and Media Server: Windows Server 2008

    Data Domain: EMC

    someone already had a similar problem?

    Thanks all.

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    I need a solution

    How do I go about removing a trusted master server when the server is no longer online? Can I simply remove the entry from the bp.conf file? I tried to do it via the console, but it errored saying it couldn't contact the server.

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    I need a solution

    Symantec Tech Support has now again showing their ability of closing case without resolving the issue. I wish someone from U.S. BUSINESS management team can have a look into the Symantec Tech Support performance issues. I can understand all the Tech support want to close their case and mark it as resolve within resolution time to make their bonus, may be this should change as the technical support team only want to close case and make them have a better performance number. 

    Symantec business management need to understnad the fact is bad support will lead to losing customers and I don't see Symanatec business management team aware of this. 

    I am here to request Symantec escalate this to business management team for review and I have request duty manager to reopen my case. 

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  • 06/16/15--10:13: NBU 7.1 Disk Staging
  • I need a solution

    Could someone explain me step by step how the staging process in NBU 7.1?

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    I need a solution

    Hello. I have several 2003R2 servers that I'm looking to backup with SSR 2013R2 Server. I have one main server that contains SSR and have installed the agent to multiple servers on the network with no issues being able to comunicate back and forth to them. I'm having an issue with one of them though. It's our DR domain controller server. I'm able to deploy the agent to the server with no issues. After the server reboots, I can no longer connect via SSR. I can see it in the list of computers and it shows the agent is installed in SSR computer search but I can't do anything else with it. Any ideas??


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    I need a solution


    Does Symantec have any documentation that specifies the requirements for restoring an image created on different hardware (sun4u to a sun4v server)?

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    I need a solution

    I'm new to OpsCenter and for audit purposes I'm trying to build a custom SQL report that displays backup type.  When I say backup type I mean "full" or "transaction log".

    We're using the Microsoft SQL Server NetBackup Database Extension to perform our backups.  Some of these database backups are full and some are transaction log.

    The backups are generated by a SQL Server job that executes a PowerShell script.  This PowerShell script builds the appropriate database backup commands and places them in .bch file.

    After PowerShell builds this .bch file it calls dbbackex.exe and passes the .bch file to dbbackex.exe.

    In other words NetBackup is not initiating these backups.

    I looked at using domain_JobArchive.backupType and domain_JobArchive.scheduleType but these values are not correlated to full or transaction log backups.

    My current idea for resolving this issue is to create two different sets of policies.  One set of policy names would have the string "FULL" and the other would have "TLOG".  Parsing the policy name would then tell me which kind of backup was done.  I don't like this idea because I will have to maintain two sets of policies.

    Does anybody have a better idea for resolving this one?

    Thank you in advance,


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  • 06/16/15--13:14: VSS error in DFS error
  • I need a solution

    We are backing up DFS data from DFS central server.

    A total of 37 folders are being replicated to this server. There are few folders with same name (from different branch servers). Hence, folders with same name are backed up using folder name followed by GUID like below.

    Shadow Copy Components:\User Data\Distributed File System Replication\DfsrReplicatedFolders\Users (824BCE18-25B0-4DF6-991D-0ABD7A5E8B40-89D8562F-2715-4672-952B-D30C17B8D2BF

    However, two replicated folders from the same server are not being backedup. It is failing with below errors.

    6/15/2015 6:21:32 PM - Error bpbrm(pid=14160) from client epn-bf4: ERR - Unable to backup System State or Shadow Copy. Please check the state of VSS and associated Writers.

    6/15/2015 9:34:20 PM - Error bpbrm(pid=14160) from client epn-bf4: ERR - Unable to backup System State or Shadow Copy. Please check the state of VSS and associated Writers.dir - 3 128 904 37349 6502703 -1 174 16832 root root 0 1434418366 1434418366 1434418366 1 /Shadow Copy Components/User Data/Distributed File System Replication/DfsrReplicatedFolders/Share (CBE8E267-1079-4036-B33F-14D4F033E5AA-819977D8-49BE-45F6-AF1D-F23B43A23DDE)/

    There are few other replicated folders which do exist in the drive as this one. However, we are still not able to find the corresponding folder for the first error.
    What could be the possible issue?

    VSS writer state:
    Writer name: 'DFS Replication service writer'
       Writer Id: {2707761b-2324-473d-88eb-eb007a359533}
       Writer Instance Id: {79c100bf-bc24-4995-afc4-897877040333}
       State: [1] Stable
       Last error: No error

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    I need a solution

    We have some x64 bit Linux 5.4 VMs which we want to perform a VM backup.  There is a requirement to use SYMCquiesce.iso.  Our Master/Media servers are

    There are two copies of the iso in \Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\bin\goodies\vmware-quiesce\

    SYMCquiesce.iso dated 17/10/2013

    SYMCquiesce.1.0.0-001.iso dated 01/11/2010

    There is a technote

    This refers to SYMCquiesce.1.0.0-003.iso

    Which iso can/should be used?


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  • 06/17/15--08:57: Recover of Files
  • I need a solution


    We have a server with Symantec Backup Exec that will not allow us to restore files because the server is corrupted.

    The owners of the server have not been able to get this server up and running and do not have the original symantec backup disks.

    We have a different server with Symantefc Backup Exec that I copied the DLO files to.  When I try to restore, I can choose the machine to recover from and I can see files and pick the ones to restore, but during the restore process. it goes through each one and they are all errors.   the logs list each file but states "file cannot be found"

    I'm assuming this is becuase of encryption and that the original files were stored on a different server.  

    Is there a way to get these files recovered on my server?  Do I need a server license number?   Maybe some key that needs to be entered into my system, (somewhere)?

    Any help would be appreciated.



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    I need a solution

    backup stopped working and logs showing error:

     The job failed with the following error: Physical Volume Library Drive not available.

    I have attached a screenshot of the devices

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  • 06/17/15--10:32: Policy Type
  • I need a solution

    Hello Experts,

    Once we scheduled solaris client backup in MS-Windows policy type instead of Standard Policy type. Backup was successfull.

    Pls let me know is there any issue with that? Pls let me know the pros and cons of policy type?


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    I need a solution

    I need to rename a BE 15 media server. Has anyone tried that before? Does it require any special procedures?

    Thank you

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    I do not need a solution (just sharing information)

    I have a number of appliances (5220, 5230, 5330) - all of which are exhibiting strange NTP config behavior.  On all appliances I get the following when running a Network-NTPServer-Show:

    <host>.Network> NTPServer Show
    - [Error] Failed to add the following NTP servers:
    - [Error] Failed to add NTP servers from the appliance database.

    Our NTP servers changed, so I only noticed this because I was trying to change to the new NTP servers.  I'm unable to do a "Add" of the new servers from the CLISH.  In addition, I'm unable to add them through the GUI.

    I *was* able to elevate and simply modify the ntp.conf file and restart the ntp service.  So I'm good to go... but this issue seems strange and was hoping to see if anyone else has run into it?

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