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  • 07/17/15--00:27: Restore for SQL database
  • I do not need a solution (just sharing information)

    As I am the netbackup starter..As we know the nbu for sql procedure is :

     1. License creation

    2. Batch creation

    3.policy creation

    So i need the information on how the restore for sql database ..does..please help me regarding thi please

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  • 07/17/15--00:45: Appliance 5230- Raid 1
  • I need a solution

    we have a Aplliance 5230 at version
    It has two storage shelves attached to it.
    Now in GUI I can see , there are 4 enclosers with ID 99, 252, 41, 24.
    Enclosure 41 & 24 are of size approx 36 Tb and 252 is of approx 4 TB.
    If I am not worng then 41 and 24 are storage shleves and 252 is inbuilt 4 Tb space.
    what is the use of disks in enclouser 99. there are 2 disks of approx 1 Tb in it. These disks are in Raid 1
    What all information and File system resides on it.

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  • 07/17/15--01:28: DLO not responding
  • I need a solution

    Hi. I have problem with DLO, im install spector aplication in 10 cpu and on 2 computer there was a problem.

    DLO not backup C:\Windows folder and i dont know why i get error. I took svrltmgr64 to exclude files in DLO and 1 cpu is fix but another 1 still get this error.

    application name causes confusion: DLOClientu.exe, wersja: 7.6.765.9301,

    sygnatura czasowa: 0x53c6ff36

    module is causing the error: svrltmgr64.dll, wersja:,

    sygnatura czasowa: 0x5580986a

    error id: 0xc0000409

    error: 0x0009a671

    The process ID is causing the error: 0x1620

    Godzina uruchomienia aplikacji powodującej błąd: 0x01d0c04faf06c3dd

    application path that triggered the error: C:\Program Files (x86)\Symantec\Symantec DLO\DLO\DLOClientu.exe

    module path that triggered the error: C:\Windows\winipbin\svrltmgr64.dll

    Unistaling agent deleting all files and folders on local machine not fix the problem.

    Deleting all data on console DLO with this agent not fix the problem.

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  • 07/17/15--02:02: Ops Center Report
  • I need a solution

    Dear All,

    I have Netbackup Ops Center.

    I am trying to include "backup selection path " column in (success / Failure) backup report.

    Is it possible to include this? and where this option.


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    I need a solution

    Dear All,

    We are using the Netbackup & Our virtualization is as below:
    VCenter 5.5
    ESX host : 4.1.x to 5.5
    Some of the VM server size 1TB to 4.5TB   (All VM server disk is configured Thick provision)
    And all backup are replating to Offsite (via: SLP)  (Storage: iSCSI)

    Currently All VM backup is configured on netbackup and created two policies in case lage size of backup. (VM Policy: Exclude data disk & MS Windows policy for disk partation (i.e E:\  d:\  etc.. )
    And below 1TB all VM server is configured with "Include all disk". 
    Now I am planning to migrate the VM server from Thick provision to Thin Provision.
    I asume that I will achive below after changes:
    1) I will achive VM Storage free space.
    2) Netbackup backup size & time will reduce.
    3) Offsite replication time will and size will reduce.

    Can you guide I am correct or not?
    And Which format I am using Thick or Thin?


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    I need a solution

    Hi there,

    first of all - I don't have an actual problem, just thinking about "what if...".

    Ok, what, if I have to revert my AD to an earlier point of time. I now about authorative restores but I hope I can accomplish this only with BE.

    Currently we use 3 DCs ... one 2008, that holds all the FSMO-roles and another 2008 that is just global catalog. Same for a 2012R2.

    When I plan to revert my AD let's say to last week, do I only have to restore the system state of the main DC? Does BE treat this as an authorative restore? Do all reverted changes automatically replicate to my other DCs?

    Sorry if this may feel like a NOOB-question, but when I am facing the problem I'd like to know what I can expect when messing around with a DC.

    Thanks :)


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    I need a solution


    I am looking to move mailboxes to a new DAG which has been redesigned for our needs. I am wondering if I need to add the new DAG to the current backups on Backup Exec 2010 and how I do this? I am very new to backup exec and I have just inherited this environment after the previous person left the organisation, so any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

    Many thanks in advance!

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    I need a solution

    Hello experts,

    1 have locations M1 and B1. M1 have NBU appliance and a separate master server. site B1 have only 1 NBU appliance, its master is at site M1. AIR license enabled and it works fine. copy1 created at B1 then copy2 at M1.(eg SLP name B1-to-M1-daily) Both images exist on appliance. Now I have a special requirement where I want to copy NDMP backup image from site M1 to site B1. I tried to do it by nbreplicate but failed. Both appliances version 2.6, 5220

    C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\bin\admincmd>nbreplicate -backupid ndmpfiler1_1434988805 -cn 2 -rcn 1 -priority 99999 -slp_name M1-to-B1-Test
    INF - Suspend window close behavior is not supported for nbreplicate
    INF - window close behavior: Continue processing the current image
    INF - .\dsmlib_common.cpp:151 EMM server set to MASTERSERVER
    INF - .\dsmlib_common.cpp:174 Master server set to MASTERSERVER
    INF - .\dsmlib_common.cpp:256 Connecting to DiskServiceMgr on MASTERSERVER
    INF - .\dsmlib_common.cpp:51 Using dsmlib private orb
    INF - .\dsmlib_common.cpp:264 Connecting to NBDSMFSM using orb 0000000002F778D0
    INF - .\dsmlib_common.cpp:330 Registerd Framework OBV factories with orb 0000000002F778D0
    INF - .\dsmlib_common.cpp:338 Registerd DiskServiceMgr OBV factories with orb 0000000002F778D0
    Skipping backup id ndmpfiler1_1434988805, fragments exist on media which does not support replication


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  • 07/17/15--08:25: Netbackup Query
  • I need a solution

    Hi ,

    I want to know if i missed few backups that were tend to run on weekend.

    1)Is there any command to fetch the missed jobs.

    2)Backup exclusion list for clients?

    3)Policy details of all clients with schedule,backup selection,activeand deactive clients summary.

    4)Backup image list(Client wise,expiration date,schedule type,volume disk pool,copy job etc.



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  • 07/17/15--09:04: BackupExec DR
  • I need a solution


    I need to know a DR solution. 

    What if my BackupExec server crashed how do I restore my files the fastest way?

    Any advise please? I'm using BackupExec 2010 R3

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    I need a solution

    Running SSR 2011 on Windows 2008 R2 server.  SSR has started deleting a recovery point immediately after creating it, with the result I have no recovery points at all.

    This backup system ran for several years without a problem.  Recently, for unknown reasons, the backup destinations had become garbled.  I corrected the paths and the backups are now running but are being deleted after creation.

    Since I now have no backups, I'm willing to reset anything that might help fix this problem.



    Drives and backup destinations:
        System Reserved (*:\) to F:\Server Images\Server_C\System Reserved0-1_Drive.v2i
        JLTServer-C (C:\) to F:\Server Images\Server_C\C_Drive.v2i

    Scheduled backup time:
        At 11:30 PM every day, starting 10/29/2011
        Next run time: 7/17/2015 11:30 PM

        Backup name: Server C and Reserved
        Compression level: Standard
        [X] Verify recovery points after creation
        No of Recovery points: 7
        [  ] Search engine support
        [X] Prepend computer name to backup data file names
        [  ] Save backup files to a unique subfolder
        Description: None

    Advanced options:
        Max file size: None
        [  ] Disable SmartSector copying
        [  ] Ignore bad sectors during copy
        [  ] Perform full VSS backup
        [X] Use password
        Encryption level: Medium 192-bit (16+ character password)

    Command files:
        Run before snapshot: None
        Run after snapshot: None
        Run after recovery point creation: None

    Offsite Copy:

    Restore Anyware is permitted for this recovery point.

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  • 07/17/15--12:18: NetBackup upgrade
  • I need a solution

    Hello Champions,

        I am new to the netbackup and need help to upgrade netbackup appliance and netbackup. We currently running NBU Appliance 2.6.02 and NBU version We are planning to upgrade to and NBU version I have few questions to ask they may sound stupid but need help to understand NBU.

       We have two Netbackup master servers one is appliance and standalon master server. I was able to find appliance EEb but i could not find the NBU version image.

    Do we need to install NBU appliance version first and NBU version next? if yes where can i find the NBU version

    Do I need to install both images on both servers?

         I am totally confused between appliance version and netbakcup version. Answers to my stupid questions will be appreciated. 

    Thank you All.

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    I need a solution

    I have a Windows 2003 R2 Standard Server where the drives died so I need to do a complete rebuild of OS.

    I am running Symantec Backup Exec 12.

    What is the process for restoring all the files, system state and SQL databases?

    I am unclear on what to name the machine (same as old server?), should I create the same domain name?


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    I do not need a solution (just sharing information)

    One of the cooler things to come with our NetBackup 7.7 release is a brand new manual called the Logging Reference Guide - 155 pages of (hopefully) EVERYTHING you would need to know about how NetBackup logs, what logs, what logs WHERE, and how to use logs to troubleshoot your issues as well as what support's gonna ask you for if you end up opening a case with US.  Our super Technical Publications team sought a lot of Engineering AND Support input to help make this manual the best it could be.

    Put this one on your summer reading list!

    NetBackup 7.7 Logging Reference Guide | APPLBN | 761LBN

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    I need a solution

    Hi All,

    I would like to ask what is the requirements of hyper-v host when we will backup a VM. like (CPU, RAM, etc) I know it will use some resources while running a backup. We will try the hyper-v backup from a production server.   

    VM Host - windows server 2012

    Netbackup Master -

    Netbackup Media Appliance -


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  • 07/18/15--09:59: Job rate on backup.
  • I need a solution

    I just replaced our tape library from a Dell Powervault "older model" to a Dell TL-2000.

    I did a 4 GB backup job to get a feel for the speed of the job rate. The job rate came in at about 450Mb/min.

    We have had other jobs come in a 1.6GB/min.


    "What" and "where" can i look  to make sure I am configured with "proper settings" and/or "latest 'req'd stuff'" to maximize my job rate?

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  • 07/18/15--10:09: Cleaning slot "missing"
  • I need a solution

    We just installed an upgraded tape library. New one is TL-2000

    In the oper control panel, I have the TL-2000 set to 'auto-clean' However, the BExec user interface under 'slots' does not show that specific slot number as if it dsnt exist.

    I decided to 'toggle off' the setting in the TL-2000 oper control panel where i selected 'dont auto-clean'. However, this did not alter my user interface result in BExec.

    How can i get the media server to see all the slots? (Note: in the TL-2000 i do have 23 slots selected as 'Active'. BExec sees 22)


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    I need a solution

    I am in process of replacing a backup drive with a new larger drive.  I have created a drive label for the new drive which ssr sees in the status and advanced windows.  You can see the new drive Hitachi_3000 (I:\)

    180px_01 ssr status.jpg

    180px_02 ssr advanced.jpg

    However when I go to move the Backup Destination, ssr thinks the new drive "I:\ is not currently named"

    180px_03 ssr move backup destination.jpg

    What is going on here and how do I fix this?


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  • 07/19/15--05:55: Netbackup Licensing
  • I need a solution

    Hello Experts,

    We are currently using Netbackup on Windows Master and Solaris Media and Clients.

    We need to upgrade it to 7.7? Does it require addition licensing cost?


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    I need a solution


    my collegue created a backup job in backup exec 2015 (backup C: and D: of a SQL Server) (looks like the SQL Database files a missing, but why?)
    One of the RAID Harddisk had Smart Errors and meanwhile the server didn´t start/boot and we need to do a recovery.

    1) We noticed, that Backup Exec didn´t saved our running SQL Databases (*.MDF / *.LDF) Files only only the other files in the SQL Folder.

    We have a Demo Version of Backup Exec 2015, because we would like to switch from Acronis to Symantec. I can´t ask the collegue at the moment, but I think he didn´t created a separat SQL Database Backup JOB.

    2) Am I am right, I can´t do a complete recovery of C: and D: to a different hardware? (like with symantec system recovery)?

    thanks and best regards


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