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    I need a solution


    J'ai un problème au niveau de la sauvegarde, est-ce que quelqu'un peut m'aider

    Voici l'alerte venant de backup exec

    Le travail a échoué avec l'erreur suivante : Données endommagées rencontrées. Consultez le journal des travaux pour plus de détails.

    Catégorie d'erreur      : Erreurs des ressources
    Erreur : e000fe36 - Données endommagées rencontrées. Consultez le journal des travaux pour plus de détails.
    Pour plus d'informations sur cette erreur, reportez-vous au lien V-79-57344-65078

    Merci à vous

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    I need a solution

    Given that we know that:

    i) A Master Server can also be a Media Server can also be a Client

    ii) A Master Server is the EMM Server

    iii) A Master server has to be the BMR Master Server (if one wants to use BMR)

    iv) Any Master Server or Media Server or Client can be a BMR Boot Server

    v) A Master Server cannot be an OpsCenter Server

    ...then can anyone confirm these questions:

    1) Can a self installed Master (or Master/Media) Server also be a LiveUpdate server?

    2) Can an Appliance Master (or Appliance Master/Media) server also be a LiveUpdate Server?

    3) Can an OpsCenter Server also be a LiveUpdate Server?

    4) Can a BMR Boot Server also be a LiveUpdate Server?

    5) Are there any other roles which cannot be mixed?

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    I need a solution

    Hi there,

    I have a Windows 2008 R2 Standard Edition 64bit and I have Backup Exec 2010 R3 installed.

    I had successful backups for the last three years.

    I tried to create a new backup job three weeks ago and was never successful. I did update the software with the latest update and then after that I NEVER had a succesful job.

    I installed from scratch Backup Exec and the agents to the servers but still is unsuccesful.

    I backup 6-7 servers - NONE OF THEM IS AN EXCHANGE but I do get the following errors.


    I tried what is said on the link V-79-57344-34070 but the problem was not solved.

    I have installed the licence keys needed


    The Servers are VM and I try to backup to Disk or Tape but still get the same errors.

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    I need a solution

    Hi there

    I've been reading up a bit about Netbackup and VMware backup and restore options and architectures, trying to find out how I could make what I've been handed run more efficiently.

    The current setup consists of a Solaris 10 Master/Media server (Site 1) and a Solaris 10 Media server (Site 2). The two physical servers are on seperate sites (Site 1 and Site 2).

    The VMware environment consists of 1 VCS and 4 ESXi hosts. Two ESXi hosts reside at each site (Site 1 and Site 2), and are also logically seperate with VMware datacenters. The backup host resides at the same site as as the VCS (Site 1) and both are virtual machines.

    Datastores and Netbackup servers are using SAN attached FC storage.

    Due to hardware and infrastructure constraints, I have to go with the hotadd backup host option. My concern is that the backup host is not in the same datacenter as the all of the VM's that need to be backed up.  Currently it seems all backup traffic goes via the LAN (not a dedicated backup LAN), which is not ideal.

    Can I have two hotadd backup hosts, one at each site? Would it be of any benefit? 

    Other suggestions to improve the efficiency will be appreciated.


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  • 07/20/15--02:33: Final error: 0xe0000f19
  • I need a solution

    Please help

    all my backup jobs are failing with the following error:

    Final error: 0xe0000f19 - An error occurred when the Backup Exec Job Engine Service attempted to communicate with the Backup Exec Device & Media Service. Try restarting all of the Backup Exec services, and then retry this job.
    Final error category: Job Errors

    i have attached the licensing snapshop just incase the error has to do with licensing


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    I need a solution

    I have a site who are running 7504 and have the IMAGESDB_PATH registry entry in place.  I note this is no longer supported, but it is working currently working as expected in 7504.

    I will shortly be upgrading this site to 7612 - and in order to be supported I guess I should resolve this issue.  However - how should I go about this ?

    Do I need to create a directory for each server (with an ALTPATH entry) on the <inst path>\db\images directory pointing to my alternate location which currently contains all of the images and then remove the registry entry ?

    Prior to moving this environment up to 7612 I will be re-homing the current 7504 Master Server onto new hardware using the catalog restore approach - I note the registry entry stopped being supported due to DR related issues.  Will the catalog restore work with this registry entry in place ?


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    I do not need a solution (just sharing information)


    Are update BackupExec 15 for the Appliance was released as announced (July 6) ???

    I did not get an update :(


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  • 07/20/15--03:45: Used Capacity versus Data
  • I need a solution

    We use LTO 800gb/1.6tb tapes but have noticed out used capacity versus data is significantly different. Most of the tapes are reporting used as 779.9gb of 781.5, but the data fluctuates between 490gb upto 548gb.

    The job in question is set to hardware compression but why is the data so low?

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    I need a solution

    I have been trying to improve my job rate on backup jobs. In doing so, I have closely watched as they progress through. When the job is in progress, you can see the 'job rate' change dynamically. And I have seen that number go fro 2,500 MB /min to 10,500 MB /min. And crazy as it sounds, I have attached a screenshot where it reported 205,000 MB /min.

    My question is as follows:

    1. Why does the 'Live' job rate show a job rate totally different than what is reported once the job completes and moves down to the 'Job history' section?

    2. Why do some jobs take longer to kick off? I ask becasue my fastest 'job rate' as seen in attachment is 1,046 MB /min. But that took 7:17 minutes to complete.  However, the same job earlier had reported a slower job rate of 954 MB /min but it completed in 6:34 minutes.


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    I need a solution

    Hi All,

    I am using Netbackup Media server with AIX 6.1 recently after the Library drives upgraded to LT04 on Quantum I500 Library the medium changer is keep disappearig from Media server.

    When I do a ./scan -changer it not showing anything, then again I need to go for reconfiguring it by creating the ovpass for the control path driver and it works good for few hours then again it disappear from their and the drives turns to AVR mode.

    Could you please suggest what causes the problem.

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    I need a solution

    Hi All,

    We are trying restoration of linux files using BackupExec command line BEMCLI.

    Is it possible to restore linux files using command line of BackuExec?

    Please share some working example so that it will be helpful for reference.

    Thanks and Regards

    Riyas Hussain A

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    I need a solution

    We are running NetBackup We have several remote sites. Each remote site has a local media server and MSDP. We have one central site with another MSDP. We use VMware policies with SLPs to backup data in the remote sites to respective media servers before duplicating the data to the central MSDP. Some of our servers have large amounts of data and our SLP windows and WAN links are not adequate to complete the initial/full duplication jobs.

    While I have seen lots of discussions about seeding, most of them do not seem to apply or are quite complicated. I saw one discussion about using a Basic disk to seed the central MSDP but the details were lacking. What simple options can I use to seed our central MSDP?

    Something similar to this??

    1. Connect a USB drive and create a storage unit of type BasicDisk
    2. Create a policy to backup data to the new storage unit
    3. Execute policy
    4. Detach USB drive and ship it to central site
    5. Attach USB drive

    Then what? Do I need to expire images? Do I need to import images?

    While I am not new to NetBackup, I have never had to seed MSDP so any help is appreciated.

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    I need a solution


    My Client bought System Recovery 2013 in May 2013 and did not install it on the server. Then a very clever "IT in house guy" downloaded the trail version in May 2015 and installed that on the server and used it for a while. Yesterday the client asked us to install his version on the server so , we uninstalled the trail versuion , download his version from the Licessing Portol and installed that.

    When we restart the server when the screen for the System Restore Comes up it tells us that a trial version is installed. I have tried every think .

    Can someone please point me in the right direction as to how to tell the system that his is a new installation.

    Much appricated.


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  • 07/21/15--01:04: How to update client
  • I need a solution

    So we are updating the master and media server from to I have the package downloaded as the below image :

    nbu update_0.JPG

    I will run the setup or Netbackup Update to initiate the update on master server and media server. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

    After the master and media servers are updated, clients need to updated. Please instruct me how to update the client.

    Thank you :)


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  • 07/21/15--01:21: Unable to create MSDP
  • I need a solution


    Currently I am unable to create a Media Server Deduplication Pool.

    I am using a Windows Server 2012 R2 for my Master / Media Server. NetBackup Version is

    Trying to create a disk pool for deduplication using the storage server configuration wizard but ends with an error saying

    "cannot connect on socket rdsm has encountered an issue with an sts corba exception: getStorageServerInfo "


    The credentials I am trying to use when attempting to create the dedpulication pool is the administrator user for the master / media server.

    below is a screen shot of what i get in the end


    I am sorry it is a Japanese version of Netbackup but the error basically says "cannot connect on socket. RDSM has encountered an issue with an STS CORBA exception: getStorageServerInfo" 

    additionally below is what I get from the command 

    nbemmcmd -listhosts -verbose


    nbemmcmd -getemmserver

    again I am sorry some of it is in Japanese but the hostname: "abtyh1mp" is the master / media server 

    what am i doing wrong and why can't I create a deduplication pool? Any help would be appriciated. 

    I have attached what I am doing and the error i get on a excel sheet.


    C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\bin\admincmd>nbemmcmd -listhosts -verbose
    NBEMMCMD, バージョン:
            MachineName = "abtyh1mp"
            FQName = "abtyh1mp"
            MachineDescription = ""
            MachineNbuType = server (6)
            ClusterName = ""
            MachineName = "abtyh1mp"
            FQName = "abtyh1mp"
            GlobalDriveSeed = "VEND:#.:PROD:#.:IDX"
            LocalDriveSeed = ""
            MachineDescription = ""
            MachineFlags = 0x17
            MachineNbuType = master (3)
            MachineState = active for disk jobs (12)
            NetBackupVersion = (761100)
            OperatingSystem = windows (11)
            ScanAbility = 5
            MachineName = ""
            FQName = ""
            MachineDescription = ""
            MachineNbuType = virtual_machine (10)
            MachineName = ""
            FQName = ""
            MachineDescription = ""
            MachineNbuType = virtual_machine (10)

    C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\bin\admincmd>
    C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\bin\admincmd>nbemmcmd -getemmserver
    NBEMMCMD, バージョン:

    ホスト "abtyh1mp"に確認中です...

    サーバー形式    ホストのバージョン   ホスト名                       EMM サーバー
    マスター        7.6                  abtyh1mp                       abtyh1mp



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    I need a solution

    Hi All,

         I have two Master server each at DC and DR. each master server has an applicane with AIR configured. I am replicating DC to DR using AIR. At DR again I am trying to use Vault profile to duplication all Monthly_Full schedule to Tape. 

         I do have approx 5 to 8 TB month end backup every month, but my Vault are not picking those for duplication.

        I was looking for info whether Vault can duplicate images which has "Image Type" as "Imported", but I do not see any such info on Admin guide or google.

        Your input will be highly appriciated...



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    I need a solution


    In the Replication Director documentation for NetBackup 7.7 we need to use NetApp Plug-in 2.0 for Symantec NetBackup to backup cdot arrays, but this plug-in is not yet released by NetApp on their website.

    Does anyone from Symantec knows when it will be released?



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    I need a solution


    J'ai récemment mis à  niveau Symantec DLO 7.6 vers SDLO version 8 (sur windows server 2012 R2 standard) , La mise à niveau s'est très bien passé. Sauf que  maintenant lorsque je fais une restauration de données, il y a l'interface de restauration qui présente un bug d'affichage, les boutons de parcours à droite n'apparaissent plus. J'ai alors fais une nouvelle installation  de SDLO version 8 sur un autre serveur pour tester (windows server 2012 R2 standard) , mais c'est toujours la même chose.

    Est-ce quelqu'un a aussi ce problème?

    Sinon quelle pourrait être la raison?

    Merci d'avance pour votre aide


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    I need a solution

    I ejected a series of tapes using the "eject" feature on the NetBackup Administration Console.  I followed the dialog and removed the tapes as needed from the robot.  Now when I go back in to the Administration Console the tapes still show as being in their original volume pool rather than being ejected.  If I select one of the tapes and attempt to "Change" it and select a different volume pool I am greeted with the message "cannot change volume pool for assigned volume (91)" 

    This is on a Netbackup 5230 Appliance with a Master and Media server.  

    Have I missed a step in the ejection process?

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  • 07/21/15--11:20: SQL Server 2014 strange SCL
  • I need a solution

    Hey guys,

    Reviewing the NBU 7.7 - 7.7.x Database and Application Agent Compatibility List, I noticed something weird about the SQL Server 2014 support:

    When running SQL Server 2014 on Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2008 R2, the SCL states that only Windows DataCenter edition is suppoted - Standard and Enterprise Editions are not.

    Anyone knows if this is a error/typo on the SCL, or if there's a fair explanation for that limitation?

    Btw I checked the MS site and SQL 2014 supports both Windows 2008 Standard and Enterprise Editions.

    Thanks a lot,


    The SCL link (see page 18):

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