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    I need a solution

    Some of the numbers listed in the tables for transfer rate seem wrong. 

    Table 1.6

    FCoE  36,000 GB/hr !!!

    Table 1.7

    10GBe  3600 GB/hr Theoretical  2,500 GB/hr Typical

    I thought 3600 was Typical from 4500 Theoretical?  Any idea where 2500 GB/hr  is derived from?

    Table 1.10

    LTO6  Capacity 6.4TB uncompressed & 12,8TB compressed ! 

    I thought it was 2.5TB & 6.4TB ?

    Can anyone confirm true 'typical values for FCoE on 10GBe, FC 16GB and LTO6 ?

    Thanks in advance

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    I need a solution

    Recently I've upgraded BE 2012 to 15 and moved it for win server 2008 to win server 2012.
    I use 4TB iomega disk connected through an iscsi link.
    I use folder backup for exchange that is working fine.
    Deduplicate folder are for backing 5 other servers (e.g Dc's fileserver etc..)
    Deduplicate works fine for 2 months than disk became full and jobs got queued I've deleted old backup sets and cleared some space but still jobs are queued.
    I've started be services including deduplicate services and used beutilty to rebuild the database.
    Status is jobs are still goes into queued mode and stuck like that until I cancel them.

    Any advise on why its happing and how to resolve it ?

    Last resort is to recreate deduplicate storage from scratch and the all backup scenario.


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    I need a solution

    Dear,I havea problem withbaxckupexecappliance3600EwithWindows Server 2008 EnterpriseR2, youcan notbackupor restore, Iliberaradospaceoldestfiles,and have appliedtheclassified andrestarted the server,HOWEVERremainsthe problem.

    I would appreciateyour help.

    error ILC1.PNG

    Error ILC 2.PNG

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    I need a solution


    We just renamed our primary domain.

    I now have issues with all of the servers in Backup Exec that we used to backup. The FQDN of all of our servers has changed, so BackupExec is treating them all as new servers.

    Is there a way we can just change the existing servers to match the new FQDN so we don't lose our job history?

    All the servers have Windows Server OS. Most of them have Windows Server 2008 R2 but the older ones still have Windows Server 2003 SP2 and the newer ones have Windows Server 2012 R2.

    Maybe it is something obvious but I am just a beginner and I didn't find anything on this issue.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I need a solution

    Hi Guys,

      I have a situation. We already have an account 'backupuser' which has got sysadmin rights on SQL databases. Backups are running, I can login through backupuser and configure backups and run restores. However when I use my userid to login into windows server and then use backupuser as userid for SQL server standard and Mixed security. I am unable to open Netbackup GUI for SQL agent. My id has admin rights, I have open the GUI with run as administrator. Windows server is a 2008 and SQL server version is 2012. I am having NBU

    In the GUI at the top it says Windows account as my userid and I am using backupuser to pass through SQL server.

    Is it necessary to use the same id to login into both windows server and Netbackup GUI?

    Does my userid needs to be given sysadmin?

    What's the logic behind all this? Is it your windows account tied up with SQL server?



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    I need a solution


    We want to configure file or folder backup based upon metadata. Example if my file auther is verit

    as. Netbackup/Backup Exec perform this file tdata backup.

    Please help me to configure backup based upon meta data with Backup Exec and Netbackup product.



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  • 08/01/15--10:13: bprestore usage required
  • I need a solution


    I was searching bprestore command usage in NBU 7.1 but couldn't understand from few forum discussions. It will be great helpful to know the usage of the command for the following details,

    Master server Name: Master

    Cient name : Client

    File Name: testfile

    Source path: /var/test1

    destination: /var/test2

    Date: 01/08/2015

    Please let me know if anyother information is required to prerform the restore?


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    I need a solution

    We have media server (Solaris 10) w/ STK SL48 tape library (w/ 2x LTO5 drives) directly attached via fiber connection.

    The NBU settings on the Storage Unit are:

    Maximum concurrent write drives=2

    Enable multiplexing="checked"

    Maximum Streams per drive=3

    It has been working before without any issues (6 jobs running concurrenty) but now I can only see 3 jobs running concurrently.

    On the tape library side, all drives are in use and in "writing" mode while on Netbackup side all drives are "UP" based from tpconfig.

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  • 08/02/15--02:13: What is Mean This exceptions
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    I need a solution

    Dear All 

    I Can't select database on oracle server appeare this problem in attachment 

    i installed the agent on oracle server.

    please advise

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  • 08/03/15--02:00: Client Side Deduplication
  • I need a solution

    Help me tell me please how to backup remote server to DataDomain with Client side Deduplication option in Backup Exec 2010R3?

    I Have Backup Exec 2010R3(with name SBE), DataDomain 2500 and server which need backup(with name SforB) . I installed in SBE and SforB plugin DataDomain.

    I create backup job  with deduplication to client but job ended with exceptions:

    Client-side deduplication is enabled for this job, but it could not be used. Please check this link for additional information:

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    I need a solution

    Hi folks,

    I just upgraded to DLO 8.0 because I had some troubled with 7.6 SP1 and I thought to fix them by upgrading. But the troubles keep existing:

    On Windows 8.1 Machines the DLO Desktop Agent won't start even though it's all installed correctly.The service is running and the agent is listed in the autostart. Yet, it does not start after logging in. I can't find any misconfiguration.

    If someone has an idea, please let me know.




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    I need a solution

    Our BE 2012 jobs(scheduled) are getting hold. We haven't figured out the root cause of this.

    We are sure it is not done manually and we are encountering this thing in different media servers.

    Tried to check audit report to see if any one has done this but we saw it is done through dedicated service account.

    Do we need to change any settings here ? Is there any bug in BE 2012 ? Need all your help.

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    I need a solution


    I install a firewall between Backup Exec 2010 R3 server and Remote Agent for IBM Lotus Domino server.

    Before the installation the BE-SERVER and REMOTE AGENT run ok.

    Now I try to open this port on the firewall:

    6101        TCP
    3527        TCP
    135        TCP/udp
    6103        TCP
    10000        TCP
    6000        tcp

    But when I go to install Remote Agent I receive an error.

    Errore di connessione al computer remoto. Verificare che il computer sia disponibile, non sia bloccato da un firewall e che il servizio WMI sia attivato. 10061

    Sorry but I have italian language installation.

    Can we help me plese?



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    I need a solution

    Media server and client are in different subnet. There is firewall configured between 2 subnet but they allow any to any.

    The backup speed using NBU  is about 10 MB/sec. But if we test copy file between media server & client , the transfer rate is about 90 MB/sec.

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    I need a solution


    As per the above URL we need to perform the below step

    2.    Add this setting to all nodes of the clustered NetBackup Master Server configuration:

    echo MATCH | bpsetconfig

    Can someone please guide me where i have to add this command/setting.

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    I need a solution

    I am using a VMWare policy for Exchange type database and have upgraded the NBU client on my Exchange 2013 server from version 7.5 to 7.6.1

    Now I am able to browse the backup down to the individual mailbox under the mailbox database!

    My question is, How can I actually use this to restore a single mailbox to an alternative user such as a RecoveryUser ?

    Netbackup server is 7.6.1 on windows 2008 and the Exchange server is 2013 cu6 on Windows 2012 R2.

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    I need a solution


    i am relly frustrated and i don't know what i should do to solve this issue.

    - BackupExec 2014 (all Hotfixes installed)
    - HP StoreEver MSL4048 LTO5 Library
    - HP StoreOnce Virtual Tape Libary

    I do a daily backup first to my VTL and duplicated the Backups after finishing the Backup Job to my physical MSL Tape Library at another Fire Protection Area. Everything ist conneted over FC.
    Since a few weeks 99,9% of my Duplication Jobs failed with following Error (Translated from German Installation):

    On Device "HP LTO5 LW1" was a unknown Error.V-79-57344-3403614.1.1786.1093eng-ntfs-setcopyV-79-57344-34036DERetailWindows_V-6.1.7601_SP-1.0_PL-0x2_SU-0x112_PT-0x3 - Unknown Error.

    The first time i think there is a issue with my tape Library. After doing some Test with HP Library and Tape Tools, everythink seems to be ok.
    So i checked my Backup Exec 2014. I did also some Test-Backups and realized a strange thing. If i do a backup directly to my MSL, everythink works. No Problems or Erros. If i do a Backup to VTL and Duplicate the Backups to MSL, my lovely Error comes back again.

    Any Ideas?

    Kind Regards

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    I need a solution

    Hi there,

    It seems that my Netbackup servers are using old cached information about the names of my VMs.

    VMs that were renamed fail to backup, because they can't be found. We use the backup select method of Virtual Machine Name.

    I try to Browse and select Virtual Machine from the Policy Client tab and, after a while "Loading virtual machine list" it returns the machines with their old names, so I can't add them.

    Please help, I need to back them up tonight! :)

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    I need a solution


    Netbackup Version Actuel :

    OS:Windows server 2008 R2 standard 64 bits 

    Je vous informe que lors de l’installation NetBackup, message apparu ‘arrêter le processus nbproxy.exe’, sachant que ce dernier n’existe pas dans la liste des processus, même j’ai arrêté les services NetBackup avant lancement de l'installation de la nouvelle version

    Merci de m’orienter

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