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    I need a solution


    Our appliance is on 2012 R2 (pretty old). As R4 is out recently, I'd like to know if there is any dependency concerning the upgrade, e.g. R2 -> R3 -> R4, or R2 -> R4? Seamlessly as well?

    Also, anyone could kindly point me to the official upgrade procedure?

    Thanks a lot!

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    I need a solution
    Master and Media server with Netbackup version: installed.
    My VM have 5 datastore, I don't know why It is only one datastore [MB1-ARCHIVE]  --> vdOpen() succeess, [MB1-DB01] --> VixDiskLib_Open() error: 13. And then Calling closeLeafSnapshotDisks().
    Please help me to solve this issue.
    Thank you.
    Detail logs:
    8/18/2015 11:22:48 PM - Info bpbrm(pid=18707) HCM-MAIL-MB1 is the host to backup data from    
    8/18/2015 11:22:48 PM - Info bpbrm(pid=18707) reading file list for client       
    8/18/2015 11:22:48 PM - Info bpbrm(pid=18707) accelerator enabled          
    8/18/2015 11:22:48 PM - Info bpbrm(pid=18707) There is no complete backup image match with track journal, a regular full backup will be performed.
    8/18/2015 11:22:48 PM - Info bpbrm(pid=18707) starting bpbkar on client        
    8/18/2015 11:22:48 PM - Info bpbkar(pid=18714) Backup started          
    8/18/2015 11:22:48 PM - Info bpbrm(pid=18707) bptm pid: 18715         
    8/18/2015 11:22:49 PM - Info bptm(pid=18715) start           
    8/18/2015 11:22:49 PM - Info bptm(pid=18715) using 1048576 data buffer size       
    8/18/2015 11:22:49 PM - Info bptm(pid=18715) using 512 data buffers        
    8/18/2015 11:22:50 PM - Info bptm(pid=18715) start backup          
    8/18/2015 11:23:01 PM - Error bpbrm(pid=18707) from client HCM-MAIL-MB1: ERR - Error opening the snapshot disks using given transport mode: san Status 23
    8/18/2015 11:23:02 PM - Critical bpbrm(pid=18707) from client HCM-MAIL-MB1: FTL - cleanup() failed, status 6   
    8/18/2015 11:23:04 PM - Error bptm(pid=18715) media manager terminated by parent process      
    8/18/2015 11:23:20 PM - Info mediaserver(pid=18715) StorageServer=PureDisk:mediaserver; Report=PDDO Stats for (mediaserver): scanned: 2 KB, CR sent: 0 KB, CR sent over FC: 0 KB, dedup: 100.0%, cache disabled
    8/18/2015 11:23:20 PM - Info bpbkar(pid=0) done. status: 6: the backup failed to back up the requested files
    8/18/2015 11:23:57 PM - Info nbjm(pid=6524) starting backup job (jobid=4756) for client HCM-MAIL-MB1, policy test_mb1, schedule full 
    8/18/2015 11:23:58 PM - estimated 0 Kbytes needed
    8/18/2015 11:23:58 PM - Info nbjm(pid=6524) started backup (backupid=HCM-MAIL-MB1_1439915037) job for client HCM-MAIL-MB1, policy test_mb1, schedule full on storage unit dedup_pool-stu using backup host mediaserver
    8/18/2015 11:23:58 PM - started process bpbrm (18707)
    8/18/2015 11:23:59 PM - connecting
    8/18/2015 11:23:59 PM - connected; connect time: 0:00:00
    8/18/2015 11:24:03 PM - begin writing
    8/18/2015 11:24:31 PM - end writing; write time: 0:00:28
    the backup failed to back up the requested files (6)

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    I need a solution


    Need to know if there is anyway we can only restore the mdf and ldf files required for a database to bring online. In other words I just want to restore the database files without restoring the DB in the server.


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    I need a solution

    Our backup system has been on line for a long time,many demands have changed,so we want to optimize all policy, We tried to use bppllist command to export all policy attributes and config,but the result is not intuitiveusing,so we want to using the sql query to export all policy attribute,config,also contain the throughput last month,Who can  help me to design the right sql query? Thank you!

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    I need a solution

    I have install the opscenter on a linux system ,but when i access i get some errors:

    Error occurred while connecting to the OpsCenter Server.Please ensure that the server is running.

    i tryed to restart the service,but there is no help.

    [root@master100 /]# /opt/SYMCOpsCenterServer/bin/ monitor
    PBX service is up
    Symantec NetBackup OpsCenter Authentication Service is up
    Symantec NetBackup OpsCenter Database Server Service is up
    Symantec NetBackup OpsCenter Server Service is up
    Symantec NetBackup OpsCenter WebServer Service is up

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    I need a solution

    Team at present i am using backup exec 2010 r3 and planing to upgrade to 2014 version. Please let me know is whether  backup exec 2014 is compatible with Exchange 2013. Is there any specific cu need to be install while deploying exchange 2013 to avoid issues.

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    I need a solution

    In our environment,there is no dns server,so wo used the /etc/hosts to resovle server and client,now We have added four servers,We need to add the resolve to all of the 300 clients,who can provide me the script?thank you  !

    the script must effect:

    add the master and media server resolve to the client /etc/hosts

    add the SERVER = MASTER   SERVER= MEDIA to the bp.conf

    can not haveduplicate items

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    I need a solution

    Hello guys,

    We are used BE 2010 R3,and our de duplication is not working.As per symantec engineer instruction,we upgrade to BE 15.but still De duplcation is not working.Can you help any one know about de duplication??

    I create a ticket with symantec,but no renpond??

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  • 08/31/15--01:27: Cannot upgrade to BE 15
  • No
    I need a solution

    One of our windows 2003 R2 server can not upgrade to new version of BE


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    I need a solution


    after reading some possible solutions without getting it to work, i hope to get a working answer here...

    our system-setup has two symantec backup exec servers 15 with direct attachted disks on to different locations. the server on location A is holding the CASO - the server on location B is configured as managed media server and has a connection to a tapelibrary. the two locations are connected through a stable lan connection.

    we though it should be possible to run a backup of server located in location A to the local disks of the backupserver located in location A - after this operation completed we wanted to duplicate this backup two the second backupserver in location B to backup the data to tape in a third step.

    in some postings we could find, that it is necessary to do this over deduplication disk storage on location A, then duplicate to deduplication disk storage ob location B etc. also it should be necessary to activate the private cloud feature on both servers.

    - so i activated the private cloud on both servers

    - added a deduplication disk storage on both servers, now it looks like this:


    - now i tried to create a new backup-job on location A (backup to disk on location A, duplicate to disk on location B, duplicate to tape on location B)

    - in the first step i selected the deduplication-storage on location A as target


    - now in the second step i can just choose targets on location A and not on location B as expected


    so, what i'am doing wrong? or is it just impossible to run such a scenario?

    thanks a lot :)

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    I need a solution

    Bonjour à tous,

    Nous avons un serveur Windows 2003 sur lequel était installé Exchange 2007 SP3 (role + bal). Suite à la désinstallation et suppression totale d'Exchange, BE bloque avec l'erreur : 0xe000fe34 - un total de contrôle des données a échoué. Catégorie d'erreur finale : Erreurs de ressources.

    Après avoir regardé le paramétrage du travil de sauvegarde il s'avère que BE continue à détecter "Microsoft Information Store" avec le First & Second Storage Group...

    J'ai donc supprimer le travail de sauvegarde et j'ai tenté de le recréer

    180px_Selection sauvegarde.jpg

    Durant cette étape, je n'ai pas Microsoft Information Store donc tout est OK

    Mais lorsque je veux tester les inforamtions d'authentification, il apparait encore et avec echec du test (normal vu qu'il n'y a plus exchange ni le First & Second Storage Group!)

    180px_test info authentification.jpg

    Que faire? Suis je obligé de désinstaller et ré-installer BE?

    Merci pour votre aide.

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    I need a solution

    I'm looking for some thoughts on where to begin looking for a problem we encountered last night.

    We're running backups to a Seagate 8TB USB drive using a USB3.0 port. Typically our nightly incrementals are between 400 and 700MB/min and the full backups end up around 2000-2500MB/min.

    Last night we now see a speed of 130MB/min.

    Any thoughts about what to test or look for?

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    I need a solution

    We migrated to last version of Backup Exec 15 from 2010r3.

    In the previous versione we set a task to backup Exchange 2007:

    on Sundays a full backup to disk to an assigned folder named D:\Exchange2007 with duplication to LTO-5 tape.

    from Monday to Saturday an incremental backup to disk (same folder) with duplication to LTO-5 tape.

    This folder is controlled by Backup Exec with a retention of 1 week.

    After the migration to BE15 i cannot backup to this folder (D:\Exchange2007).

    Admin manual says that this feature does not exist anymore, now it’s read only. The folder is present in the storage menu but BE15 takes it always offline.

    If i try to setup a new disk-based storage the wizard do non propose D: unit (in this unit i have a lot of data recovered, but i have also 3 Terabytes of free space !!).

    In D: unit i can see BECONTROL folder with a xml file inside, can i delete it ?

    At this moment i can’t backup Exchange mail to disk.

    Can you help me ?

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    I need a solution


    i would like to know NetBackup enhancements in Windows 2008 and it will be very useful if i get a response. Kindly let me know what are all the NetBackup enhancements implemented in Windows 2008 for the version above 7.1 also.

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    I need a solution


    I have a couple of tapes that i need to restore all the jobs to different foldes, this is part of a tape migration. (see above example).  Basically I want to dump the Whole tape to disk and then back it up again with newer tapes.

    How can I restore each JOB to different folders without over writing the data?


    backup of C @7/10/2009 10:23:48PM goes to folder #1
    backup of C @7/10/2009 7:05:15PM goes to folder #2 

    and so on.....

     or do I have to do a restore job for each backup and manually select/create a folder for each of them?




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  • 09/01/15--00:27: Tape retension best practice
  • I need a solution

    hi all i'm newbie to use symantec Backupexec. I want to implemented to configure daily bakup throught Monday _ Thursday 7:00PM and Weekly backup on Friday 9:30Pm and alos create monthly backup on end of the month. For this implementaion, Please adivce how many tape catridge require and how to configure Tape retension plan for this. Thanks!

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    I need a solution


    I have got some very large backups which result in a number of fragments.

    I have plenty of bandwidth available and I would like the SLP to Duplicate the fragments in parallel. For the time being it looks like is doing them sequentially.

    Is there any way of achieving this?


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    I need a solution


    today i discovered an interesting behavior of backup.exec 15. i have two servers i need to backup with backup.exec, the servers named DC2.domainA and DC2.domainB (as you can see the netbios-name is equal but the FQDNs are not), both a virtual machines running on different HyperV-hosts.

    i was able to successfully install the backup.exec agent on both virtual machines - both machines are shown correctly with their FQDN als virtual servers. also the hypervisor is shown correctly.

    i created backup-jobs for each of them - i choosed "virtual-based backup". everything seems to be fine until i startet the jobs. DC2.domainA is backuped correctly. The result is correctly shown for the HyperV-host and the virtual machine.

    the strange things starting with the backup of DC2.domainB. the backup is running correctly, the backup is shown correctly for the HyperV-host but the virtual machine remains in the state of "never backed up" ... BUT ... the backup of DC2.domainB is shown under the backups of DC2.domainA, what is totally wrong!


    has anyone an idea, what i might done wrong?

    i tried tu uninstall the backup exec agent on both servers, removed the servers from backup.exec and added them again - nothing changed.

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    I need a solution

    Hi Friends,

    Can you please tell me is there any way we can configure PostgreSQL DB online backup with backup exec 2015.Is there any agent for it?If so what are the proedures and recommentations to do the same.Please help.



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    I need a solution

    Hello Experts,

    My script is not working and i am getting below error.I am not so much good on scripts,if someone can help me i would appreciate:


    /usr/openv/volmgr/bin/vmquery -rn 0 -bx | grep -i scratch >/tmp/scratch.tmp
    /usr/openv/volmgr/bin/vmquery -rn 1 -bx | grep -i scratch  >>/tmp/scratch.tmp
    /usr/openv/volmgr/bin/vmquery -rn 2 -bx | grep -i scratch >>/tmp/scratch.tmp
    scratch=`cat /tmp/scratch.tmp |wc -l`
    echo "Current scratch = $scratch tapes" | mailx -s "SCRATCH TAPES COUNT - $scratch count remaining"


    Anyone can modify and tell me specifiaclly what i have to mention so that i will test.

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