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    I need a solution


    We are using symantic veritas 6.5.6 to backup all unix and windows servers.Our backup server is on win2k8 enterprise 64 bit.

    We recently come across issue where backup of catalog failed with error message 2.

    Troubleshooting steps done:

    I have restarted netbackup services using bpdown and bpup.but no vain

    Current bpps output.

    C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\bin>bpps.exe
    * INDELGG4GHST                                           9/08/15 17:24:53.143
    COMMAND           PID      LOAD             TIME   MEM                  START
    bpinetd          6544    0.000%            0.655   13M   9/08/15 15:56:49.646
    bpjava-msvc     16008    0.000%            0.062  9.5M   9/08/15 15:56:49.771
    nbevtmgr        12928    0.000%            0.920   27M   9/08/15 15:56:50.090
    dbsrv9          15212    0.000%            5.428   30M   9/08/15 15:56:50.350
    nbemm           21340    0.000%            2.496   50M   9/08/15 15:56:50.994
    nbrb             4604    0.000%            0.967   34M   9/08/15 15:56:51.406
    vmd             18388    0.000%            0.265   19M   9/08/15 15:56:51.689
    ltid            19128    0.000%            0.327   23M   9/08/15 15:56:51.863
    nbrmms          19172    0.000%            0.936   30M   9/08/15 15:56:52.040
    bpdbm           20832    0.000%            0.327   20M   9/08/15 15:56:52.320
    bpjobd          24452    0.000%            0.296   18M   9/08/15 15:56:52.458
    bpcompatd       20564    0.000%            0.062   14M   9/08/15 15:56:52.527
    bprd            17568    0.000%            0.374   18M   9/08/15 15:56:52.713
    nbjm            30492    0.000%            1.092   27M   9/08/15 15:56:52.908
    nbproxy         21376    0.000%            0.156   20M   9/08/15 15:56:53.131
    nbpem           23468    0.000%            2.090   31M   9/08/15 15:56:53.177
    nbproxy         23944    0.000%            3.400   22M   9/08/15 15:56:53.406
    nbsl            25336    0.000%            2.308   29M   9/08/15 15:56:53.464
    nbvault         24772    0.000%            0.187   22M   9/08/15 15:56:53.817
    bmrd            22696    0.000%            0.202   21M   9/08/15 15:56:54.038
    nbstserv        21532    0.000%            0.795   26M   9/08/15 15:56:55.705
    nbsvcmon         5848    0.000%            0.171   19M   9/08/15 15:56:56.384
    NBConsole        6980    0.000%            8.299   62M   9/08/15 15:57:17.234
    tldd            31008    0.000%            0.109   19M   9/08/15 15:57:25.193
    avrd            29240    0.000%            3.666   18M   9/08/15 15:57:25.199
    tldcd           23204    0.000%            0.202   19M   9/08/15 15:57:29.397
    nbproxy         12824    0.000%            0.109   19M   9/08/15 16:55:47.064
    nbproxy         31460    0.000%            0.124   20M   9/08/15 17:07:08.101
    bpbrm           26860    0.000%            0.140   17M   9/08/15 17:10:01.467
    bptm            15840    0.000%            0.140   23M   9/08/15 17:10:06.756
    bptm             6716    0.000%            0.093   19M   9/08/15 17:10:13.490
    bpbrm            2392    0.000%            0.093   17M   9/08/15 17:10:13.536
    bpps             7104    0.000%            0.062  9.2M   9/08/15 17:24:52.072

    When i execute catalog backup.2 jobs gets executed which fails.

    Also backup failed jobs logs.

    Job 1:

    9/8/2015 5:26:25 PM - Info bpdbm(pid=31076) staging relational database files for catalog backup     
    9/8/2015 5:26:25 PM - Info bpdbm(pid=31076) staging BMRDB backup to C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackupDB\staging      
    9/8/2015 5:26:26 PM - Error bpdbm(pid=31076) error staging BMRDB backup to C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackupDB\staging     
    9/8/2015 5:26:26 PM - Info bpdbm(pid=31076) staging NBDB backup to C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackupDB\staging      
    9/8/2015 5:26:28 PM - Info bpdbm(pid=31076) done staging NBDB backup to C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackupDB\staging     
    none of the requested files were backed up(2)

    Job 2:

    9/8/2015 5:26:25 PM - requesting resource indelgg4ghst.NBU_CATALOG.MAXJOBS
    9/8/2015 5:26:25 PM - granted resource indelgg4ghst.NBU_CATALOG.MAXJOBS
    9/8/2015 5:26:25 PM - estimated 49306136 kbytes needed
    9/8/2015 5:26:25 PM - begin Parent Job
    9/8/2015 5:26:25 PM - begin Catalog Backup, Start Notify Script
    9/8/2015 5:26:25 PM - started process RUNCMD (25712)
    9/8/2015 5:26:25 PM - ended process 0 (25712)
    Status 0
    9/8/2015 5:26:25 PM - end Catalog Backup, Start Notify Script; elapsed time: 00:00:00
    9/8/2015 5:26:25 PM - begin Catalog Backup, DBM Query
    Status 2
    9/8/2015 5:26:31 PM - end Catalog Backup, DBM Query; elapsed time: 00:00:06
    9/8/2015 5:26:31 PM - begin Catalog Backup, Stop On Error
    Status 0
    9/8/2015 5:26:31 PM - end Catalog Backup, Stop On Error; elapsed time: 00:00:00
    9/8/2015 5:26:31 PM - begin Catalog Backup, End Notify Script
    9/8/2015 5:26:31 PM - started process RUNCMD (27344)
    9/8/2015 5:26:31 PM - ended process 0 (27344)
    Status 0
    9/8/2015 5:26:31 PM - end Catalog Backup, End Notify Script; elapsed time: 00:00:00
    Status 2
    9/8/2015 5:26:31 PM - end Parent Job; elapsed time: 00:00:06
    none of the requested files were backed up(2)

    Please suggest what can be done to resolve the issue.


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    I need a solution


    I'm just looking for inforamtion about the schema of backup Exec sql DB and its relation to catalogues xml files.

    Does Symantec publish such inforamtion somewhere ?? 

    And next question i have - how many records can be kept in embeded SQL in BE 15 , what is exactly kept in BE DB and what in teh  catalogue??? and also how to estimatie the cataloge size - how many bytes I need per one backuped fiele ( rule of thumbs) ?


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    I need a solution

    I am new to Netbackup and am running version 7.0 on Redhat Linux 5.8

    My Catalog Backups are failing with a status of 2.  I have performed a database consistency check and there were no errors.

    Here is some output from one of the 2 jobs that were launched:

    requesting resource <name-redacted>, NBU_CATALOG.MAXJOBS

    granted resource <name-redacted>, NBU_CATALOG.MAXJOBS

    estimated 0 kbytes needed

    begin Parent job

    begin Catalog Backup: Start Notify Script

    started process RUNCMD (pid=10536)

    ended process 0 (pid=10536)

    Operation Status: 0

    end Catalog Backup: Start Notify Script, elapsed time 0:00:00

    begin Catalog Backup: Database Manager Query

    Operation Status: 2

    end Catalog Backup: Database Manager Query, elapsed time 0:00:03

    begin Catalog Backup: Stop On Error

    Operation Status: 0

    end Catalog Backup: Stop On Error, elapsed time 0:00:00

    begin Catalog Backup: End Notify Script

    started process RUNCMD (pid=10552)

    ended process 0 (pid=10552)

    Operation Status: 0

    end Catalog Backup: End Notify Script, elapsed time 0:00:00

    Operation Status: 2

    end Parent Job, elapsed time 0:00:03

    none of the requested files were backed up  (2)


    There is a second job launched at the same time.  The output from that job is:

    info bpdbm (pid=10541) staging relational database files for catalog backup

    info bpdbm (pid=10541) staging NBDB backup to /usr/openv/db/staging

    info bpdbm (pid=10541) done staging NBDB backup to /usr/openv/db/staging

    none of the requested files were backed up  (2)

    If you can provide locations of any log files where I could get further info, or possible solutions to the problem,  I would greatly appreciate it.

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    I need a solution

    09/08/2015 16:09:57 - Info nbjm (pid=11247) started backup (backupid=clientA_1441708797) job for client clientA, policy PolicyA, schedule DAILY on storage unit xxx-dd-1
    09/08/2015 16:09:58 - started process bpbrm (pid=25056)
    09/08/2015 16:09:59 - Info bpbrm (pid=25056) clientA is the host to backup data from
    09/08/2015 16:09:59 - Info bpbrm (pid=25056) reading file list for client
    09/08/2015 16:10:00 - connecting
    09/08/2015 16:10:08 - Info bpbrm (pid=25056) starting bpbkar on client
    09/08/2015 16:10:08 - connected; connect time: 0:00:00
    09/08/2015 16:23:28 - Error bpbrm (pid=25056) socket read failed: errno = 62 - Timer expired
    09/08/2015 16:23:33 - Info bpbkar (pid=0) done. status: 13: file read failed
    09/08/2015 16:23:33 - end writing
    file read failed  (13)

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    I need a solution


    Server backup on below schedule.

    • Full backup - Sunday
    • Differential backup - Monday to Saturday

    A file "A.txt" has modified on below day

    • Wednesday
    • Thursday

    And it was deleted in accident

    • Saturday (before Saturday backup)


    My question are:

    1) Differential backup on Monday, Tuesday, Friday will not start since files hasn't modified ?

    2) After accident delete, for latest backup I can use is "backup on Thursday" ?

    3) Or I need to restore "Full backup" then "backup on Thursday" ?

    4) Differential backup will backup Entitled file or just modified bit only ?

    Thanks !

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    I need a solution

    Hi Experts,

    I am new to my org and there is no one else I could refer to. My back ups have been failing since I do not know when. Usually I will just go in to my master back up server to replace tapes and run inventory robot so that it is updated. So the error I am getting is "All compatible drive paths are down but media is available(2009)". My servers are all Windows 2008 and Netback Up ver7.1. This is the detailed error I am getting.

    09-Sep-15 2:28:19 PM - Info nbjm(pid=4860) starting backup job (jobid=16914) for client MasterServer, policy Windows-Backup-MasterServer, schedule Differential-Inc  
    09-Sep-15 2:28:19 PM - Info nbjm(pid=4860) requesting STANDARD_RESOURCE resources from RB for backup job (jobid=16914, request id:{})  
    09-Sep-15 2:28:19 PM - requesting resource Any
    09-Sep-15 2:28:19 PM - requesting resource MasterServer.NBU_CLIENT.MAXJOBS.MasterServer
    09-Sep-15 2:28:19 PM - requesting resource MasterServer.NBU_POLICY.MAXJOBS.Windows-Backup-MasterServer
    09-Sep-15 2:28:19 PM - Error nbjm(pid=4860) NBU status: 2009, EMM status: All compatible drive paths are down, but media is available
    All compatible drive paths are down but media is available(2009)

    I have tried to see the Host Properties>Clients> and all my clients status "Connected".


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    I need a solution

    I'm trying  to launch a VMWare backup from command line but the command bpbackup doesn't allow me launch the backup.

    I put:

    bpbackup -i -p <VMWare policy> -s <schedule> -h <Virtual machina hostname>

    I believe that the problem is in the name of virtual machine because the name that we have appears with "%20" and ")","(", for example mssavlsfap1050%20(PREPO%20ZONA) and when I tried to launch appears the next error:

    bash: syntax error near unexpected token `('

    Is there any solution for this? I launch correctly the backup from comman line?


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    I need a solution

    Dear Friends,

    I have a query about catalog size growth, in my environment Daily full backup for database and daily incremental backup for file system, databases are Oracle and exchange with one week retentions some databases daily retentions are two weeks and 45 days also.

    Weekly full backup retention for all is one month. And monthly backup retention on disk two months and on tape infinite. We have BMR backup also for windows and Linux clients backup contain All_local_drives.

    My catalog size is 800 gb after enabling the compression, my netbackup environment is only 20 months old. Please suggest me what is the maximum catalog size that netbackup can handle with good performance. Total daily backup in environment is 22 TB, weekly and monthly backup size is 63 TB

    NBU version: -

    OS: - windows 2008 R2

    VERITAS Cluster: - Yes

    Please Advice 

    Thank You!!

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    I need a solution


    How can I configure email notifiication with authentication requires on Netbackup 7.5.

    I already configured the email but where to provide crendentials to be authenticated by the emailserver.


    Tarek Faraj

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    I need a solution


    I have been fighting with an error on backing up a DC with BE 2012 on Server 2012. The error states that the system state could not be backed up due to security errors. The backup passes the credential tests, and it has ran with both system logon account as well as DOMAIN\administrator with no luck. I have done the usual searching but have nto found anything of any help yet. The DC with the FSMP roles is up and running correctly. I have put the screenshot below.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you


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    I need a solution

    We have several scheduled jobs on our BE 2012 server 3 of which contain weekly or nightly Full to Tape jobs. Two of these jobs run with no issue in a timely manner. The third displays the following screen. As you can see its been running for 18 hours and it has made no progress at all.

    18 hours job.PNG

    I have a Test Run a full to tape that both complete successfully for this same job. Any ideas?

    Thank You in advance.

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    I need a solution

    I have a job that continually fails on wednesday nights.  The job stops for some reason and produces an unreadable end marker.  
    One week it happened on a Tuesday, but else always on a Wednesday night. 

    I ran a clean tape, the error happens on multiple tapes, so not a bad cart either. Jobs run just fine 'most' of the time.  
    I pulled the bengine and sgmon logs for these events.  

    Logs are attached, please see if you can tell what is going on. Two different dates are in the example, but the error happens at the end of the file on both.  


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    I need a solution


    I need to change CSV delimiter "," in my reports. How can I proceed ?

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  • 09/09/15--23:49: Netbackup upgradation to 7.7
  • I need a solution

    Hi All,

    Master Server :

    OS : Win 2008 server

    I am palnning to upgrade my netbackup from version to 7.7

    Please tell me what are the prerequisite need to check also I heard administrator tool is not with 7,7 only Java version.

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    I need a solution


    Kindly note that previously all the tapes were being imported automatically and the jobs were working perfectly fine. But two months ago this changes. Whenever i come to office in the morning, 2 or 3 tapes require my action to get imported. So i import them manually. The issue is that not always the same tapes are not being imoprted it is random. What can i do to get rid of this issue and have all the tapes imported automatically?


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    I need a solution

    Hi All 

    Master  solaris 10, NBU

    Clients: Win 2008 R2, NBU 7.5 (Cluster)

    We have two clients dat02 & dat03 which are nodes of active/Passive cluster. Active node is dat03.

    Now Shadow copy compoenents backups for both clients are failing with volume resolution error.

    on Passive node dat02 it is failing with EC156 and on dat03 failing with EC90.

    In bpbkar logs of dat02 I found it is trying to resolve volume F:\, which is actually a cluster disk and present on active node dat03.

    I used w2koption command to exclude this volume.

    ..\..\bin\w2koption  -backup -ignore_unresolved_volumes F:

    and it has been ignored as per output of  w2koption  -backup -display

    but still backups are failing on both clients. I observed in bpbkar logs, dat02 is still trying to resolve volume F:\

    Please suggest if I am missing anything.

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    I need a solution

    Is there any way we can find out the actual amount of data that is being transferred through WAN (AIR) from Onestie site to Other site.

    I referred the replication.log on the storage server .but calculating each CR-sent is time taking and Opscenter SLP report is showing only the total size of the image not the actual transferred size.

    For an example : Client A backup is 5 TB &stored into de-dup disk pool and its 90 % de-duplicated .this backup images are replicated to DR site long back ago which took more than a week to complete 5 TB transfer.

    For the same Client A -recent backup completed with 98 % de-dup ,when i try to replicate the current image its completed in 2 hours ,that means only the changes since last replicated data was transferred over WAN or the entire 5 TB was transferred ?

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    I need a solution


    OPS server on windows 2008 update from 7.6.1 to 7.6.2 failed, please advice



    SQLANY64 16.0 event id 1:

    The description for Event ID 1 from source SQLANY64 16.0 cannot be found. Either the component that raises this event is not installed on your local computer or the installation is corrupted. You can install or repair the component on the local computer.

    If the event originated on another computer, the display information had to be saved with the event.

    The following information was included with the event:


    *** ERROR *** Assertion failed: 201502 (

    Inconsistent page modification counter value

    the message resource is present but the message is not found in the string/message table

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    I need a solution

    I checked the below  Post but script is not in place.

    Martin mentioned:

    Script it ...

    nbemmcmd -listmedia -mediaid shows a field "Cleanings remaining" ....

    Loop through each cleaning tape, pull out the single line containing 'Cleaings'.

    vmquery I suspect (don't have a system to hand to check) .... has a cleaning remaining field, and has the option to give a single line output for each tape. This is even easier, as yo can id each line that is a ceaning tape by using the density type, and then just print the two fields that refer to the media id and the cleanings remaining

    Need to know how....can you please give me exact command which will shows Cleaning Count.We have 4 libraries.

    Looking for help...

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    I need a solution


    we're running backup exec 2010 r3 and recently had vCenter running 5.5.

    However I recently upgraded vCenter to 6.0 and now every job which backs up a vmdk file fails with the error:


    V-79-57344-38277 - Unable to open a disk of the virtual machine.
    VixDiskLib_Open() reported the error: One or more required subsystems failed to initialize

    I've had a look at various KB articles and other support threads but nothing in there has worked for me.

    Does anyone have any idea how to resolve this?


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