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  • 09/17/15--16:27: Backup Exec 2012
  • I need a solution

    Deargood afternoonI havea SharePoint2007with SQL2005 andoperating systemWindows Server 2003,I had a problemand I had toinstall theagent againandsupportscorrectly, the problemis that notall the supportI get,when I go tosharepointserverdatabaseweighsa total of1.38tbbutonly endswhensupports108MB,and I'mwatchingthatdoes not showmetheresourcessharepointand I wonder ifit isstandard ornot, or Iwrongin installing theagentSharePoint 2007.

    I will appreciateyour help.

    1.- heredoes not showmetheSharePoint resources.


    2.-  Ionlysupports108MBwhen in factthe size of thedatabase is1.38Tb


    3.- andit supportsthosethat occurredinthe databaseI geta warning.


    soit was beforeSharePoint resourcesvisualized.

    sharepoint 4.PNG

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  • 09/17/15--17:40: vmdk в v2i
  • I need a solution

    Можно ли так переконвертировать или восстановить реальную Windows из образа сконвертированного когда-то образа v2i?

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  • 09/17/15--19:22: What's this icon means ?
  • I need a solution


    Icon changed after updated from BE2010 to BE2014.

    What's the meaning ?


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    I need a solution

    For backing up our MS Exchange 2003, we are having two individual job:

    1. Full Mail Server Backup(Except Mail Database)

    2. Full Mail backup(Except System Data, ie. C:/)

    Since last couple of weeks job 1 is failing. I have attached necessary snaps for further analysis.

    Requested to share workaround for this.

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    I need a solution

    We have netbackup master server version which taking backup of client server having netbackup client version 7.1.

    while taking backup of same client its one drive backup completed succesfully but for another drive backup complete 100% then it remain in running state for longer time. It does not complete.

    Please help on this.

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  • 09/18/15--06:08: NetApp NFS and CIFS backup
  • I need a solution


    A quick overview on how we take NetApp backups, and why we ended up doing this way.

    Initially our plan was to take backup of NetApp directly to Tape by utilizing the NetApp plugin and Replication Director. Backup was very slow so we ended up with a staging disk to speed up backups. The negative side of this is that Replication Director utilize SLP to operate, and SLP does not support a staging disk so we ended up excluding the Replication Director.

    Later on we moved the backups to a MSDP pool. and the way we take backup of CIFS share today is by mounting the CIFS share to a Windows client, and setting up Windows\File policies on Master Server using the UNC path as selection to take backup of theese CIFS share.

    Our Linux team has raised a concern that this method would require alot of time and manual steps in order to achieve similar for NFS shares mounted on a Linux server.

    My question is as simple as follows:

    Is there a way to take backup of NetApp volumes, without involving a client which have CIFS or NFS shares mounted? Would i be able to achieve this by implementing the Replication Director? My understanding is that NMDP is a way around that, but the problem is that it is very slow, and accelerator is only available on 7.7 version of Netbackup. Is there any other way?

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    I need a solution

    I have some VMware intelligent backup policies that run every other day (some odd days, some even days).  The policies have a start time of 18:00 and they close 23 hours late. 

    Depending on the mix of jobs sometimes all the jobs in the policy do not complete and the remaining ones cancel with status 196.  But I dont ever want a submitted job to not run - its OK if they run beyond 23 hours.

    I tried changing the window for the policy to include all 24 hours but then the policy kicks in at 00:00 - which I dont want. I want to keep my specified start time.

    How can I have a specific start time and yet also avoid 196's?


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  • 09/18/15--07:44: Client Only
  • I need a solution

    Hello. I have Linux on Z and I am going here:

    [root@rhel NetBackup_7.1_zLinuxR]# ls
    Doc  install  LICENSE  zlinuxR

    and I get to the point where it asks for a license key. How do I just install the client?

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    I do not need a solution (just sharing information)

    Hi All, 

    This is to share with you the Long pending issue which we faced in our environment for 6 months . Our Duplication Jobs started running slow and we started seeing backlog of Duplication jobs building up on daily basis which went up to 500 TB.

    Earlier Setup :-

    Duplication Jobs Window - 24x7 

    Replication Jobs Window - 24x7 

    Storage Unit groups Used for Disk Pool Storage units and Tape Storage units.

    Netbackup Appliance 5230 ( )- 1 Master Appliance , 1 Media Appliance  in Primary Site , 1 in Remote site for DR.

    Netbackup Version -

    We started seeing Backlog increase slowly which began to increase to huge size over the period of few months. Backups also were running slow and Replication also went slow. Overall Appliances Performance became very slow.

    Case raised with Symantec and worked with Backline To resolve this Performance issue.

    Did Data Collects , Logs collected and Sent to Symantec multiple Times.

    Actions Taken:

    1. Replaced predictive disk failures for 2 disks in Master appliance on two occasions.

    2. Upgraded Netbackup patch to

    3. Changed the NUMBER_DATA_BUFFERS and NUMBER_DATA_BUFFERS_DISK to 32 to avoid long delays.

    4. Broke the Stu Group and Started using Netbackup Disk Storage Unit and Tape Storage Unit for Backup and Duplication respectively.

    5. Added Alternate read server in SLP as same as the one used for backup to overcome Data travelling from appliance to other for duplication to tape.

    6. /usr/openv/lib/ost-plugins/pd.conf  changed from PREFETCH_SIZE = 33554432  to PREFETCH_SIZE = 67108864

    7. /disk/etc/puredisk/contentrouter.cfg  changed from PrefetchThreadNum=8   to PrefetchThreadNum=16

    8. Changed the Max duplication to 5 TB and Min to 500 GB

    9. Changed the Replication window and Duplication window such that they dont Overlap. 

    10. Upgraded the Appliances BIOS and RAID Software

    11. Upgraded the Netbackup software to Version

    Now After the Upgrade to Version , The performance has improved Drastically and we are seeing Backlog decreasing rapidly with 50TB per day using 10 Tape drives.

    Replication performance has also increased and Backups are completing well within time.

    Cheers and thanks to Symantec Support and all others who helped us in this issue.

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    I need a solution

    After the "divorce" is Symantec going to maintain this forum?

    If not, when will the new location be announced?


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    I need a solution


    We are in the process of moving our policies to a new disk based storage unit and all of policies will use SLPs. The backup to disk and tape run as per policy schedule and the offsite copy part of the SLP is restricted to certain hours during the day.

    Earlier in the week I had to restart NetBackup on one of the media servers. I did the normal process that we had in place and also suspended the SLPs. However, the SLP operations which were already ongoing, did not cancel when I shut down NetBackup. I got a whole list of SLP operations in progress. The tasks which didn't stop on NetBackup shutdown were 1 bpcd, 1 bpduplicate and bpdm (several processes).

    Here is what I thought to get NetBackup to really shutdown (script with following workflow).

    1. Suspend SLPs
    2. List incomplete images for SLPs
    3. Get backup IDs from above step and then cancel them
    4. Shutdown NetBackup
    5. ..... do schedule maintenance....
    6. Startup NetBackup
    7. Use backup IDs from step 2, and restart/reissue those operations only

    Does this sound like a viable workaround? Is there a better way out? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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  • 09/18/15--11:54: Backup Job
  • I need a solution

    I am using Backup Exec 15 on a Windows 2012 R2.  We use Dell PowerVault TL 2000 robotic library for tape backup.  I would like to create multiple backups with the same job selections as I used to do in Backup Exec 2010.  That was a great functionality that is being eliminated in the new version.  Now I have to start from scratch to create eight jobs with the same servers and selections to point the backup to eight different tapes.  This is a tedious task and real inconvenience with BE 15.

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    I need a solution

    I am having a problem with netbackup in exchange backup.

    I have one policy, with 20 bases, balanced on two servers,

    18 bases always work and 2 return with error status 13.

    occasionally it works all.

    I found that after the error, the service 'Microsoft Exchange Writer Replica' hangs waiting for Completing

    netbackup 7.6 (5220 appliance - linux)
    exchange 2010
    windows 2008 r2

    09.18.2015 09:36:47 - Info nbjm (pid = 12818) starting backup job (jobid = 551671) for client dagsp, policy-DAG__dagsp__SP Exchange - TIMELY, schedule Full-Diario
    09.18.2015 09:36:47 - Info nbjm (pid = 12818) Requesting MEDIA_SERVER_ONLY resources from RB for backup job (jobid = 551671, request id: {} ED78EFF4-5E01-11E5-8082-566DC13E44FD)
    09.18.2015 09:36:47 - Requesting resource stu_disk_asap119pbkp
    09.18.2015 09:36:47 - Requesting resource asap120pbkp.NBU_CLIENT.MAXJOBS.dagsp
    09.18.2015 09:36:47 - Requesting resource asap120pbkp.NBU_POLICY.MAXJOBS.Exchange-DAG__dagsp__SP - SPOT
    09.18.2015 09:36:47 - Requesting resource EXCHANGE_RESOLVER.asap120pbkp.Exchange-DAG__dagsp__SP - PONTUAL.dagsp
    09.18.2015 09:36:47 - Granted resource asap120pbkp.NBU_CLIENT.MAXJOBS.dagsp
    09.18.2015 09:36:47 - Granted resource asap120pbkp.NBU_POLICY.MAXJOBS.Exchange-DAG__dagsp__SP - SPOT
    09.18.2015 09:36:47 - Granted resource EXCHANGE_RESOLVER.asap120pbkp.Exchange-DAG__dagsp__SP - PONTUAL.dagsp
    09.18.2015 09:36:49 - estimated 338 198 365 kbytes needed
    09.18.2015 09:36:49 - begin Parent Job
    09.18.2015 09:36:50 - Info RUNCMD (pid = 2613) started
    09.18.2015 09:36:50 - Info RUNCMD (pid = 2613) exiting with status: 0
    Operation Status: 0
    9/18/2015 9:36:50 - end Parent Job; elapsed time 0:00:01
    Operation Status: 0
    Operation Status: 0
    09.18.2015 09:36:52 - started bpbrm process (pid = 2620)
    09.18.2015 09:36:53 - Info bpbrm (pid = 2620) dagsp is the host to restore to
    09.18.2015 09:36:53 - Info bpbrm (pid = 2620) File reading list for client
    09.18.2015 09:36:55 - Info bpbrm (pid = 2620) client_pid = 29768
    09.18.2015 09:36:56 - Info bpbrm (pid = 2620) from client dagsp: TRV - BPRESOLVER has executed on server (NSAP002PMBX)
    09.18.2015 09:37:20 - Info bpbrm (pid = 2620) from client dagsp: TRV - Last backup attempt of database 'Microsoft Information Store: \ MBXSPVIPDB05-1' on server NSAP001PMBX failed. Will try to find another server in preferred server list.
    09.18.2015 09:37:22 - Info bpresolver (pid = 29768) done. status: 0
    09.18.2015 09:37:22 - Info bpresolver (pid = 29768) done. status: 0: the requested operation was successfully completed
    Operation Status: 0
    Operation Status: 0
    Operation Status: 15
    Operation Status: 0
    09.18.2015 13:05:35 - Info RUNCMD (pid = 6293) started
    09.18.2015 13:05:35 - Info RUNCMD (pid = 6293) exiting with status: 0
    Operation Status: 0
    Operation Status: 15
    file close failed (15)

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    I need a solution

    I am running Backup Exec 2014 with all of the patches.

    My "System Logon Account" is DOMAIN\sbe.  What is the proper way to change the password for this account?  

    In AD first and then in Backup Exec via the Logon Account Managment tool?  Or do I just do it in the Logon Account Managment Tool and that passed it to AD in the background?

    Thanks for any help with this process!



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    I need a solution

    Hi all,

    I am new to BackupExec 2010 R3!

    We have a folder on our server that SQL Server backups there. I need to introduce this folder to BackupExec so it picks up files from that folder to write them on the Tape. But I want each time the agent of Backupexec runs, only write new files found in the folder. Is that possible? or BackupExec will write whole contents of folder to tape each time?

    I would be grateful if someone could give a solution.

    Many thanks in advance,



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    I need a solution

    Hi all

    i find an article about increase of job activity monitor on windows based master server.

    is it possible for linux master server or not?

    please guide me.



    Related article:


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  • 09/20/15--08:34: Back UP To San Storage
  • I need a solution

    Hi, I have installed Backup Exec 2015 on a VM with Windows Server 2012 R2 to back up physical and virtual machines in my environment. All Backups stored in FC LUNs directly presented to Backup Exec Server and duplicated to Tape Library. There are some physical windows servers with their own LUNs presented to them and I wonder is it possible to send their backup files direcly to presented LUNs without sending data across netwrok to Backup Exec server. Is it possible to this without installing Backup Exec locally on those servers? In that case what licenses are needed?


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    I need a solution


    Just migrated BE server from 2010 to 2014.

    Do I need to separate backup job for BE server ?

    • FULL server backup (1 job) + SQL (1 job) in different job
    • FULL server backup + SQL in same job (1 job)

    Which should be used ?


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  • 09/20/15--19:35: Backup failure (0x80042302)
  • I need a solution


    "Schedule" backup failure with error (0x80042302).

    If this job run "Manually", no problem encountered.

    Please advice.

    Thanks !

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    I need a solution

    I have a issue with my backup, i'm running backup exec (TM) 2010 on server 2008 Enterprise Edition  and when i run daily backup's there is no issue with it but when it comes to weekly only the services gets stopped and even i manully restart the services also i get the same problem and in the job log its showing error code as E0008821

    could you share the troubleshot step for me ? thank you very much 

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