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  • 10/17/15--17:27: Excluding Database Snapshots
  • I need a solution

    This is my first post on here so I apologize out of the gate if I forget to add some information. 

    We have a group of dba's that used to be responsible for script creation with regards to SQL jobs interacting with NetBackup. Part of their default configuration as doing an exclusion for snapshots; however, now that all management is done in house it appears that those scripts do not actually skip the snapshots. From what I am reading you cannot do an exclude on a type of database if you're running $ALL, but instead have to specify the excluded databases. Is this correct or do we just have the wrong syntax?

    I've included the script below. 


    EXCLUDE ".snapshot" 
    EXCLUDE "master" 
    SQLHOST "sqlhost1"
    NBSERVER "masterserver" 
    BROWSECLIENT "sqlclient"


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    I need a solution
    We have a CAS/MMS Environment running on Backupexec 2012 sp4.Iam able to run jobs successfully to tapes ,but unable to run utility jobs(Erase,Inventory).the erase job submitted is of quick erase
    The job stays in status running and active for hours and when cancelled stays in cancel pending.I have to forcefully kill the job engine and stop the services.
    We had restarted the servers,CAS,tape library couple of times but the issue remains the same.
    Erasing the tape using HP Library and tape tools works fine ,but unable to succeed on MMS or CAS.
    Kindly help us to resolve this issue.

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    I need a solution

    I have set my MS SQL DB file size as reserved settings, 500GB instead of auto grow. Now when I take the image backup, Netabckup treats this as 500GB space even though the actual db file has not even reached 10GB. Is there any way to overcome this solution?

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    I need a solution


    I am using BE2010R2 on WinSrv2008 to do B2D2T jobs. I noticet that the writing bitrate to tape is too small, about 400 Mb/min. After reading some discussions about this, decide to run a backup job to tape using the same data (files) used for duplicate before. Amaizing but the bitrate raised up to 4500 Mb/min. 

    My qiestion is: why is it working like this and if possible how can i get the same speed for duplicate job on tape (I know that priviously, about 6 months ago the speed of the duplciate jobs was about 4000Mb/s and then start decreasing till now 400Mb/s)?

    Thanks for any help.

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    I need a solution

    Ever since we updated 2010 R3 a couple of days ago we've been running into massive problems. We can't get any of the services to start, even after updating the service account. After trying everything, including multiple solutions on this forum, we've finally decided to just uninstall it and start fresh.

    We can't even do that. Amazing. Here's the uninstall log, can someone please help us? We've been unable to use this software and backup any data for going on 4 days now...

    10-14-2015,11:51:12 : Loading XML from:
    10-14-2015,11:51:12 : C:\ProgramData\Symantec\Backup Exec\{06B4D29D-D713-4EF3-B399-C4346FB84FF3}\IFProducts.xml
    10-14-2015,11:51:12 : RawsDlgSequence::CheckInstMode
    10-14-2015,11:51:13 : BEOperations::BE_GetInstalledProdCodeVersion()
    10-14-2015,11:51:13 : Found Current_PID BEWS Product.
    10-14-2015,11:51:13 : Equal PIDs.
    10-14-2015,11:51:13 : Installing Version 13.0.5204; (Major=13, Minor=0, Build=5204) = Target Version 13.0.5204; (Major=13, Minor=0, Build=5204)
    10-14-2015,11:51:13 : Equal PIDs, Maintenance Mode.
    10-14-2015,11:51:13 : Running in Maintenance Mode
    10-14-2015,11:51:13 : Continuing install using Non-Cached media
    10-14-2015,11:51:15 : AgentSeqDlgs::Misc_BE_CommonOps
    10-14-2015,11:51:15 : User passed in param file. Processing...
    10-14-2015,11:51:15 : Setting: /DEST:
    10-14-2015,11:51:15 : Setting: /SNO:
    10-14-2015,11:51:15 : Setting: /TS:
    10-14-2015,11:51:15 : Setting: /TD:
    10-14-2015,11:51:15 : Setting: /DOCS:
    10-14-2015,11:51:15 : Setting: /LOADER:
    10-14-2015,11:51:15 : Setting: /SHAREPT:
    10-14-2015,11:51:15 : Setting: /EXCH:
    10-14-2015,11:51:15 : Setting: /SQL:
    10-14-2015,11:51:15 : Setting: /BACKUPDATA:
    10-14-2015,11:51:15 : Setting: /BACKUPDIR:
    10-14-2015,11:51:15 : Setting: /NWA:
    10-14-2015,11:51:15 : Setting: /DLOR:
    10-14-2015,11:51:15 : Setting: /VTL:
    10-14-2015,11:51:15 : Setting: /MAC:
    10-14-2015,11:51:15 : Setting: /RAULUS:
    10-14-2015,11:51:15 : Setting: /COPYCONFIG:
    10-14-2015,11:51:15 : Setting: /DBSERVER:
    10-14-2015,11:51:15 : Setting: /SQLXSETUPFILE:
    10-14-2015,11:51:15 : Setting: /SQLXSETUPLANG:
    10-14-2015,11:51:15 : Launching UI Install
    10-14-2015,11:51:18 : Terminal Services enabled.
    10-14-2015,11:51:18 : Terminal Services server has been set to Install mode.
    10-14-2015,11:51:18 : Unregistering with LiveUpdate
    10-14-2015,11:51:19 : Unregistering with LiveUpdate
    10-14-2015,11:51:21 : Starting Install
    10-14-2015,11:51:21 : Launching MSI: C:\ProgramData\Symantec\Backup Exec\{06B4D29D-D713-4EF3-B399-C4346FB84FF3}\Media\Symantec Backup Exec for Windows Servers.msi
    10-14-2015,11:51:21 : Cleaning stand-alone BELAT
    10-14-2015,11:51:21 : Discovered Total Actions: 0
    10-14-2015,11:51:21 : The return code from the MSI is: 2
    10-14-2015,11:51:33 : Install was NOT successful. Skipping post install actions for BE.
    10-14-2015,11:51:33 : The return value for Symantec Backup Exec returned error code: 2
    10-14-2015,11:51:33 : Clean up Symantec installer keys.
    10-14-2015,11:51:33 : Cleaning up the symc status key
    10-14-2015,11:51:34 : Terminal Services enabled.
    10-14-2015,11:51:34 : Terminal Services server has been set to Execute mode.
    10-14-2015,11:51:39 : BeSeqDlgs::DlgInstallComplete
    10-14-2015,11:51:39 : AgentSeqDlgs::Misc_BE_CommonOps
    10-14-2015,11:51:39 : Dialog Sequence Returning errorlevel 2
    10-14-2015,11:51:39 : Setting up failed completion dialog.
    10-14-2015,11:51:39 : Initialize the telemetry items on the dialog
    10-14-2015,11:51:39 : Done setting up completion dialog (Install).

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    I need a solution


    I am trying to modify retention of our image based backups (Netbackup integrated with vcloud director), policy type - vmware and clients added via vmware query method.

    Since the VMs full name in netbackup is followed by its UUID, netbackup doesn't recognize the braces in the client name "()". So I am unable to modify the backup retention from CLI.


    Client:            RIS%20TIA%20AS%20(6d43e225-2adf-42bf-853d-7d590858e824)
    Backup ID:         RIS%20TIA%20AS%20(6d43e225-2adf-42bf-853d-7d590858e824)_1444784706

    # ./bpexpdate -backupid RIS%20TIA%20AS%20(6d43e225-2adf-42bf-853d-7d590858e824)_1444784706
    -bash: syntax error near unexpected token `('

    the only working method I have found till now is to use the catalog option in netbackup gui, use it for all clients and search for the backup image I want to modify and then expire option and reset the expiration date.

    Are there any other options ?

    Also if I want to see the backup images of a particular VM for a given period how can I do it via CLI or GUI ? say VM name is RIS%20TIA%20AS%20(6d43e225-2adf-42bf-853d-7d590858e824)as in netbackup reports or as in activity monitor - RIS TIA AS (6d43e225-2adf-42bf-853d-7d590858e824)

    Due to spaces and braces, netbackup doesnt recognize the client.



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    I do not need a solution (just sharing information)

    Hi All:

    I use Backup Exec 15 on Windows 2012 R2.

    Library : IBM TS3100

    when I want to change a lot of tape which in the Tape library.

    I would take out the magazine instead of I/O station.

    After I done.

    Do I need to do anything manually or what will does BE  do automatically ? 

    Thank you ^.^

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    I need a solution

    Hi, I have this problem from time to time in about every version of backup exec I can think of over the years. From time to time, backup exec sends an alert saying to free space on the disk where it is backing up. So I have to manually delete the old .bkf files, even though the job is configured like this;

    Backup to a NAS, in the last case I had this problem, this NAS receives 1 backup per week, full, 2 servers backed up, 3 jobs in total (sql, exchange, data)

    Job is configured to keep for 2 days

    I would delete all the content of the directory where the backup is made, leaving only the 2 .cfg files. Then I would have a full wich will work, then next week when the second full would start, after a while, the job would still run until there is no free space (as I remember). So I manually delete the files of the first backup, go in alerts, respond to it, and the backup would countinue.

    This kind of problem happens from time to time, in about every type of configuration (we have multiple clients), to clients randomly. It seems that most of the time, it would delete old backups by itself, sometimes it does not, I have to do it manually.

    the only thing I could think of is when a problem appears during the backup and it does not complete, those .bkf files will not be deleted and over time, with other errors, these grow and take more and more space and are not deleted by backup exec automatically.

    We always use removable storage. Maybe there is a setting I did not see somewhere or something I must do to make sure that backup exec will delete old job as needed to free space.

    Any guidance would be appreciated.


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    I need a solution

    I have inserted a new cleaning tape into access port. When I try to inventory robot with "Empty media access port prior to update" option checked, Netbackup seems not to see cleaning cartridge. I get the message "Volume configuration is up-to-date with robot contents.".

    Master and Media are Windows 2008 Server R2

    Master and Media Netbackup version is

    Robot is IBM TS3500 3584 L232. We have 10 LTO6 ULT3580-TD 6tape drives, drive type HCART3

    Barcode rule is: Tag CLN, Media Type hcart3_clean, Voume Pool NONE

    Cartridge barcode is CLNU75L1

    All library slots are licenced and there are free slots.

    I have tried some forum articles with no success.

    Some one can help me?

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  • 10/19/15--11:45: NetBackup Deployment Utility
  • I need a solution

    In the output for NetBackup Deployment Utility there is a column "Charged Size (KB)". Is the Charged Size info exist in the OpsCenter Schema? If so, what does it call? I looked at the OpsCenter Schema document but couldn't find it. Thanks.

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    I need a solution


    Windows 2008 R2 CAS and media server.

    We have some servers that are backing up and the three servers that fail with the same error:

    Server1: Storage device "NAS-1-0001:3" reported an error on a request to write data to media.
    Server2: Storage device "NAS-1-0001:12" reported an error on a request to write data to media.
    Server3: Storage device "NAS-1-0001:10" reported an error on a request to write data to media.

    The jobs fail with the E00084ED or E00084EC errors

    After running an inventory on the deduplicationn drive, I see errors like "Physical Volume Library Drive not found." and the inventory fails.

    Backup Exec 2014 CAS and Media server are fully updated via Liveupdate. All remote agents are also up to date.

    I have tried to rebuild the DeDuplication folder and also rebuilt the jobs. I've also tried to switch from client side to server side dedup.

    Any Ideas why the inventory and deduplication is failing?

    It seems that the servers try to backup to the same slots that cant be inventoried.

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    I need a solution

    Is there a way to force backup traffic to traverse a specific VLAN?  Assume all servers have 2 NICS. 1 - Public 2-Backup. I konw in network settings for the backup exec server you can say use the Backup NIC, but what is the point of that if i cant set the end device to use the same backup VLAN? 

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    I need a solution


    ich habe einen Microsoft-Fileservice-Cluster mit einer Storage-Resource.

    Die Clusterknoten sind Media-server und wurden als app_cluster konfiguriert, damit die Storage-Resource immer über den lokalen Clusterknoten

    auf Tape gesichert wird.

    Ich habe die Clusterknoten von auf 7.6.1 upgegraded und die app_cluster Version lt. HA-Handbuch aktualisiert.

    Jetzt wird der aktive Node nicht mehr erkannt und so funktioniert das Backup, wenn zufälligerweise der falsche Mediaserver gewählt wird, nicht mehr,

    sondern läuft auf Fehler 58.

    Hat da jemand eine Idee?

    PS. Case habe ich bei Veritas geöffnet, aber noch kein Feedback



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    I need a solution


    I am experiencing problems with my duplicate job on Backup Exec 2014. I am a new user for Backup Exec 2014 as I used to use Backup Exec 2010 a long time ago.

    My Media Tape is suppose to be appendable until the 25th of October (6 more days - Appendable Until: 10/25/2015 7:36:11 PM, however it is saying:

    "Append operations cannot be performed on this storage media.

    Drive and media mount requested: 10/19/2015 8:08:24 PM
    Media mount failed.
    Physical Volume Library Media not found."

    What could be the problem?


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    I need a solution


    We have a CAS/MMS Environment running on Backupexec 2012 sp4.Backup jobs when submitted from CAS or MMS completes successfull with no errors,

    but when we try to perform a restore cannot find it in catalogs .The option to truncate catalogs is set to 6 months and the option of use storage based catalogs is selected.

    Cannot see the backup data on both MMS/CAS.

    Backup jobs which were successfull last week were seen in catalog.The only option i used was performing a database repair using Beutility

    Thanks in advance for your kind support.

    Kind regards

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    I need a solution

    I'm running Netbackup on a Windows 2008 R2 server...   This instance of NBU has been in our environment for about 10 years now...and we've almost migrated everything off of it to Commvault...   But, it's still around for EV backups.   

    Recently, my daily Full Catalog backup has started running every hour and I can't seem to determine why this is.    It's scheduled based on Calendar, not frequency, to run daily...and this has not changed.   But, the job will run every hour unless I kill it.    

    Any ideas as to what may cause this or insight into how to troubleshoot would be appreciated.



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    I need a solution

    Hello everyone,

    we are trying to restore a machine with a configured NIC Teaming using BMR.

    The restore runs on the machine where it has been done from.

    There are two physical NIC representing a logical NIC which are configured as a load balancing team (active/active).

    The configuration has been done on Windows side.

    We've already checked drivers and configuration.

    The MAC Address configured in the SDR is the one from the logical NIC.

    Unfortunately it is failing and the general question here is whether this is supported or not.

    Thanks in advance!

    Best regards

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    I need a solution


    i have this backup policy created by our vendor who implemented NBU. at that time, not knowing any better, i asked how to backup drives from one server. the vendor created the backup policy wherein instead of specifying drive C:, D:, E:, he used ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES and assured me that it will backup all drives in the server. the server is a virtual machine with drives C: and G:.

    now when i want to restore some files from drive G:, i don't get a list of folders and files that are stored in drive G:. i just get drive G: in the restore. the backup job never reported any errors during the weekly backup. drive C: however i can see the folders inside it and the files.

    how do i restore then certain files from drive G: if i can't select the particular folder/files?

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    I need a solution

    I can't seem to get SDR to turn on with our BE15 media server jobs. This means I can't to a bare metal restore or conversion from point in time to VM. This basically means you can’t restore your backup exec media server in a real DR situation. Has anyone seen this before, or currently experiencing this? I am working with Veritas no support at this time.

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