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    I need a solution

    I've been searching the forums for the answer, which has to be fairly simple, but I'm probably not searching this correctly. I found some help, but it was mostly for Netbackup. However, I'm sure this will be simeple for someone to answer for me.

    We currently have two sites. The main site "A" is using  Backup Exec 15 and is backing everything up to a 19 TB Quantum DXI4701. All servers with the exception of our Exchange 2013 server and the backup server are on Hyper-V 2012 clusters. We are in the process of bringing our DR site "B" online. The DR site "B" will have the exact same server hardware and and another Quantum DXI4701. All backup data from the Quantum will be replicated to the DR site. I'm still learning the Backup Exec product and hope one of you could help me with this next part. The Backup Exec servers are not appliances.

    So, once everything is replicated, what is the process to hook up another server using backup Exec 15 to tie into the replicated Quantum if the need should arise? The backup database and everything backup related is on the current live backup server. So what do I need to do to backup (if needed) the current live server, or how to run another server in tandom at the DR site without needing to do some type of reload and restore to a new backup server at the DR site? I already have th DB recovery key backed up. Do I need to buy an additional Backup Exec feature?


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    I need a solution


    I have created a netbackup policy to run oracle RMAN backup. The RMAN backup is succeeding with no issues. All the default application backup jobs report as successful. But the actual user intiated job shows as failure. In the activity log could see job exiting with exit code 255. Can anyone throw some light upon so as to why this is happening?

    Below is the error from activity log.

    4/21/2015 12:19:23 PM - connected; connect time: 0:00:03
    4/21/2015 12:19:23 PM - Info bphdb(pid=6940) Backup started           
    4/21/2015 12:27:34 PM - Error bpbrm(pid=4704) from client mscsdb: ERR - failed executing command <"D:\Scripts\Oracle-MSCSDB-WF.cmd">    
    4/21/2015 12:27:34 PM - Error bpbrm(pid=4704) from client mscsdb: ERR - exit status: <255>     
    4/21/2015 12:27:34 PM - Error bpbrm(pid=4704) from client mscsdb: ERR - bphdb exit status = 255: unimplemented error code 255
    4/21/2015 12:27:36 PM - Info bphdb(pid=6940) done. status: 255: unimplemented error code 255      
    4/21/2015 12:27:36 PM - end writing
    unimplemented error code 255(255)



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    I need a solution

    i need the information from the Host Propierties (client) to perform a migration plan to move to a newest version of nbu Client , its possible to export that information to an excell File ?

    thanks a lot .

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    I need a solution

    Is anyone else struggling to coerce SSR 2013 R2 on Windows Server 2012 R2 to properly manage available backup disk space?

    SSR 2013 R2 offers two features: Manage Backup Destination, Settings, Monitor disk space usage for backup storage, and Define Backup Wizard, Options, Limit the number of recovery points saved, but neither of them appear to work.

    Monitor disk space usage is unavailable (it's greyed out) for backup drives used with backup jobs configured for USB Disk Rotation.

    Limit the number of recovery points saved is messy when used with USB Disk Rotation backup drives because the Limit is the total number of recovery points spread among all the backup drives, which is overly constrictive like a snake.

    For example, SSR requires us to manually anticipate and continually verify that all the recover points will fit on every backup drive.  Additionally, the backup size better not increase, otherwise we have to manually decrease the Limit.  And, watch out if some other space hungry files are written to the backup drive (who hasn't used their backup drive to write a quick file!).

    All this oversight and intervention is necessary when using the Limit function becasue SSR will NOT automatically delete the oldest backup, instead it will pop-up an insufficient space message and sit there waiting for response.  Meanwhile, days and weeks can pass with NO backup!  All of this simple disk space checking activity can be more easily and efficiently handled by SSR instead of requiring the attention of an administrator.


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    I need a solution

    I have a Win 2008 (not R2) server that had been running SSR 2013 (again, not R2). The backup failed on several consecutive scheduled overnight runs. When looking into the matter, I found that the UI couldn't connect to the backup service. Initially I attempted (several times) to resolve this by using the option to reinstall the service, but this failed. I then tried to uninstall the existing copy of SSR in order to reinstall it, but the uninstall fails. Additiionally a new install over the existing fails. Presently there isn't a sufficient existing installation to run any of the SSR interface to make any changes from within the application, no way to remove, redeploy or reinstall it; and a server that isn't running regular backups. I have not seen and specific error codes - and install / uninstall process simply returns the message that "The [install / uninstall] has not completed successfully."

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    I need a solution


    I was testing SSR 2013 R2 on a virtualized Windows 7 workstation.  As the backup destination I added another virtual drive and configured a backup schedule which  worked fine creating the first base image and then incremental images with consolidation as well.

    Then I detached the vitrual disk used as the backup destination , added it to another VM and used SSR recovery cd to test restoration to dis-similar hardware which worked fine as well.

    Once the tests were done I detached from the test VM and attached the backup destination virtual disk back to the original windows 7 vm and SSR detected that few backup schedules were missed so it wanted to start the backup job.

    Once the backup is started it created a completly new base image and incremental backups insted of using the existing base image.

    Is this normal behaviour ?



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    I need a solution

    Need to Create a Custom Recovery Disk but i lost the CD Backup Exec System Recovery 2010

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    I need a solution


    im using backup exec 2014 SP1 HF1 in CASO environment , 1 CAS and 1 MBS.

    Disk Attached to Servers are SAN disk , everything worked fine until i Delete 2 disk Storage from CAS and Disconnect LUNs from it then Represent them on MBS.

    now i can't configure those disk as Disk Storage on MBS , When i go to storage configutration those disk not showing up! i can select them as Deduplication disk or add them as Legacy Disk but not Disk Storage.(disk are fine in windows Explorer they have drive letter and read write)

    after failing to configure them on MBS server i decided to put them back on CAS, when i connect & Configure them on CAS server they are shown up fine but they have Share Icon under them! and I cant Unshare Them , they dont even have UNC address in share filed!

    i need to Move those storage to MBS with out loosing their data, i really appreciate it a lot if anyone can help me.


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    I need a solution

    We're using Netbackup (upgrading is not an option) and have the following configuration set using Blat to send email:

    Master Server:
    Global Attribute:
    Universal Settings: Administrator: Server Sends Mail (no recipient)

    Majority of clients:
    Universal Settings: Administrator: Server Sends Mail (no recipient)

    We then have a small handful of clients configured as follows:
    Universal Settings: Administrator: Server Sends Mail (

    The intent is that all client backups generate an alert to if a backup fails, no alert if a backup is successful.

    A small handful of clients besides generating the failed backup alerts ONLY to, we ALSO want to send a failure AND success messages to, those clients have the client universal setting configured with the auditlogs recipient.

    For some reason, one of the servers which we want to send both failed backup alerts to "backupfailures" and BOTH failed and successful alerts to "auditlogs", is not sending alerts on failed backups to "backupfailures" as configured in the master server's universal settings. It IS sending both successful and failed alerts to "auditlogs" as configured in the client setting.

    I have created a new policy to test with and noticed that if I perform a Windows backup of a file, the alerts work as desired but if I change it to a SQL based backup, the alerts do NOT work as desired.

    We're using blat, and I placed a line at the end of nbmail.cmd to echo out the values of %1, %2, %3, and %4 to a log to see exactly what Netbackup is sending to blat and noticed that when SQL backups on this server fail, it does NOT even call blat. I have been working with Symantec support to troubleshoot this, but am not getting anywhere. I'm wondering if anyone else has ever noticed similar behavior or has any ideas?

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    I need a solution


    Is there anything that I need to know when performing the inline upgrade of Backup Exec 2012 to Backup Exec 15 inline ?

    The existing database of Backup Exec 2012 SP4 is on SQL_Server_Express Edition

    Microsoft SQL Server 2005 - 9.00.5000.00 (Intel X86)  

    Dec 10 2010 10:56:29   Copyright (c) 1988-2005 Microsoft Corporation  Express Edition on Windows NT 6.1 (Build 7601: Service Pack 1) 

    which will be out of support next year.

    Does the new installation of Backup exec 15 can upgrade the SQL Server Express edition into the latest SQL Server Express 2012 edition ?

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    I do not need a solution (just sharing information)

    This was first identified as a problem when doing an in-place upgrade of Backup Exec, from 2012 to 2014 (I expect it will have been an issue between 2010 and 2012 too, due to the similar code bases).

    This article describes the issue and gives the fix:

    This issue suggests a packaging bug for the product that hasn't been fixed for several generations of the product. Backup Exec is creating a registry sub key for PureDisk even if you do not sect the Deduplication Option to be installed. Any future, in place, upgrades of the product detect this key and assume you are using/trying to use an unlicensed feature.

    The fix given in the above (now locked) article still works.

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    I need a solution

    Good Morning,

    i'm running backup exec 2012 on server 2008 R2. past few days we can't run the inventory. when ever we run the inventory the above message will appear as information and the error message will appear like this :- "Inventory Device 00065 -- The job failed with the following error: Library Error - attempt to clean a drive in a library with expired or bad cleaning media.

    For your information we are using new clean tape that purchase from DELL.

    Kindly assist me accordingly.

    Thank you.

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  • 04/23/15--09:23: symantec backup exec 2012
  • I need a solution

    We got licences for symantec backup exec 2012 download. But where we can download the installation Data?

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    I need a solution

    Hello everyone.

    We have a Data Domain, model 4500 and we try to use DD Boost for Symantec NBU. But in this moment the configuration on the media servers has an issue. This is the problem:

    Our  media server send the data over the LAN, this is because each server can't use the FC, we like to know if exist any restriction when NBU use a media server with OS on aix 7.1. The data in this moment is send over administration interface, 1 GBps, this is very slow.

    We don't have 10 gigabit ethernet.

    I really appreciate any information, recommentation or help to solve this issue.

    I have a doubt, can I configure a SAN Client and send the data over FC? This client could be on any version of OS?

    We use:

    NBU on the master and media server.

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  • 04/23/15--11:15: Restore log file
  • I need a solution

    Management wants to know what exactly is being restored for each priority restore.  For instance, we restored a directory and want to find out all the files/folders under this directory that were restored.  Just want to ensure I have the correct way to get this info from the logs for future restores.

    Is this info from the master logs or client?  I know on the master I have read on other posts to grab it from the bpbkar log directory (verbose L5).  Or on the client, create these 3 logs: bpinetd, bpcd, and tar, but this seems to capture connection logs.

    Steps before restore:

    Ensure the bpbkar directory is created

    Turn logging up to L5

    Begin restore

    Turn logging down after restore completes

    Let me know if I have something wrong.


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  • 04/23/15--11:22: Poor BackupExec Support
  • I need a solution

    have been sitting here to wait for the call for more than 2 hours. Even the call had scheduled but still nothing happened. I can’t leave even to get a cup of coffee because if you missed the call, you have to reschedule it since when you call the tech support, the engineer assigned to the case (08631104) will be never available. What’s the poor service!

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  • 04/23/15--11:30: My computer caught fire...
  • I need a solution

    All I have got left is the external drive, (USB, 1000 GB), containing the backups.

    I wasn't unduly worried – after all this is why you have backups isn't it? 

    The computer was fairly old and had two IDE drives with Windows 7 and a matching motherboard with an older type of RAM. I'm not sure whether the backup software was Norton or Symantec 15. I bought the software via download so I am not hundred percent certain of the version

    I bought a new computer with two SATA drives. Apparently IDE drives and matching motherboards boards are no longer made. I booted from the SRD but the machine couldn't see the USB drive. I installed Windows 7 and then it could see the USB drive when I booted from the SRD. I told to restore the C drive after which it wouldn't boot from the drive.

    From reading this and other forums it appears that what I'm trying to do is impossible. It is apparently only possible to restore a computer to substantially similar hardware which course, in my case, is not available. I am hoping somebody will tell me that I am wrong and will explain to me in simple terms how to do the restore to the new machine.

    If indeed my interpretation is correct and it is not possible to do a restore to new hardware the Ghost/Symantec product I bought is not of much value…


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    I need a solution

    Hi All,

    One of our customers wants to install another Netbackup on their environment to backup other servers. They already have an existing netbackup v7.6 but its located on other server farm. Its a capacity based licensing, so as far as i know, they still haven't reach their capacity

    So they want to install a NBU Master on a Cent OS v6. I'm planning to install NBU 7.1 on the CentOS 6, since based on NBU SCL, only NBU 7.1 is available to install as a master server. Can I use their NBU v7.6 license on NBU v7.1? are there any conflicts?

    Please provide me a direct link to where to download NBU 7.1


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  • 04/23/15--20:16: DLO 8.0 beta version install
  • I need a solution


    here is my install environment DNS IS OK.

    1. win2008 server DC



    login with narmada\administrator

    2.win2008 server : will install dlo server ,and sql server 2008 64bit is installed. sql instance is test.



    login with narmada\administrator

    sql services are also run under narmada\administrator,and named pipe,tcp/ip is on.

    run dlo setup.exe,occur this information:


    i have already checked pwd is ok,and the domian user is narmada\administrator,but the error information is also occur.

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    I need a solution

    How long will BE set the  job as missed if it did not start according to schedule in BE2010 ?

    How long BE2010 will retry the missed job? Can customize the time in BE2010?

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