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    I need a solution


    we're using NetBackup in the current version to backup a SharePoint 2013 SP1 single server environment running on VMware. After struggling somewhile around to get the backup working - in the end we were experiencing the problem that the SharePoint Farm key did not get created automatically - god knows why. (Solved with - Now the backup finishes without any error.

    Now we have the problem that in the GRT restore selection only the root site collection is showing up. Anyway we have more then 20 sitecollections, all in the same Content Database, which are not showing up.


    Could someone point me in the right direction what could be the reason for our problem?

    Thanks in advance.


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    I need a solution

    My library is reporting to me that one of my NetBackup tapes is going bad. I need to move the images off of that tape and pull the tape out of the library. What is the best way to do this?

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    I need a solution


    We are using the AVVI client to back up a VSphere 5 environment, as well as a number physical Windows servers.

    I set up the system to perform daily incremental backups and monthly full backups, as this allows for 1 to 2 month retention period on our system direct from disk storage, and this disk storage is replicated to a tape library so that tapes can be taken off-site.

    This has worked very well.

    However, I think that I've read that Symantec recommend weekly full backups, at least with the AVVI client.

    Can I please ask, is this so? If a weekly full rather than monthly full is recommended, what is the impact to us of performing monthly backups instead?

    Should I really consider changing?

    If we do change, then this will have a big effect on our disk storage retention - it'll go down to one to two weeks. Is dedupe the way around that?


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    I need a solution

    I have Backup Exec 15 on WinServer 2012 R2, running Exchange2010 on VMWare 5.5

    I have 1 CAS and and a DAG on 2 seperate servers (3 servers in total)

    I'm trying to restore email I get this error.  V-79-57344-959 - Unable to open the item Database - skipped.

    I read that I need to install agent on CAS to do install, what agent would that be, i cannot find any documentation for this.

    This is a new install and it's a trial version. I find it reprehensible that Symanctec would not have any presale phone support for an enterprise product. I have vendors banging down my doors begging for business and offering any pre-sales support to evaluate if a product works well in my environment. 

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  • 06/12/15--04:09: Backup Folder Details.
  • I need a solution

    We hvbe a windows server 2k8 R2 in our envirement which acts as a backup server.The backup software on backup server is veritas netbackup 6.5.6.We have both windows as well as UNIX clients in our envirement.

    I recently came across an issue " Backup of Server ABC Partially compleated with error code 1".I need to know below 3 things.

    1. Reason of this error.

    2.How do i fix this error.

    3. How can i check that which folders are backed up and which are missed..

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    I need a solution

    Hi All,

    currently do we have an disk space issue on the Backup Exec 3600 R3 appliance. I tried to delete the expired backup sets, but it dont work.

    I try the crcontrol tool to manual fix, but it also not working.

    Currently the Backup Exec 14.1 Rev 1786.1103 are running, the reg key also set for delete expired backup.

    What I can see are a lot of errors on the spoold.log, maybe thats reason but not sure how I can fix it.

    June 11 19:59:50 INFO [0000000000E29650]: 25022: NetCheckIPRange: invalid NULL or empty parameter



    C:\Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec>crcontrol --dsstat

    ************ Data Store statistics ************

    Data storage      Raw    Size   Used   Avail  Use%

                       5.5T   5.2T   5.2T  36.1G 100%

    Number of containers             : 22325

    Average container size           : 246790080 bytes (235.36MB)

    Space allocated for containers   : 5509588545205 bytes (5.01TB)

    Space used within containers     : 5497511243978 bytes (5.00TB)

    Space available within containers: 12077301227 bytes (11.25GB)

    Space needs compaction           : 33998549395 bytes (31.66GB)

    Reserved space                   : 244777897984 bytes (227.97GB)

    Reserved space percentage        : 4.1%

    Records marked for compaction    : 1892575

    Active records                   : 73295389

    Total records                    : 75187964

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  • 06/12/15--04:20: Robot Inventory
  • I need a solution

    Hello Experts,

    I moved some media's from one slot to another slots. Do we need to Inventory the robot in this case?

    If yes

    why is it required? what if we dont inventory the robot in this case?

    Thanks & Regards,


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  • 06/12/15--04:38: duplication to tape
  • I need a solution


    I am running Netbackup and I configured MSDP diskpools, all the backups go to disk. Later it is duplicated to tape. But there is my problem. Duplication is very slow and it never ends. Sometimes I have more then 100 jobs in that queue which never seem to go so I just cancel them. Is it not possible to have more then one duplication jobs to the same tapedrive? My library has only one tapedrive. Also I see that the tape gets mounted over 100 times and they are in use for just a month. Is there a way to speed up the duplication process? 

    I always thought the images in a MSDP-pool are optimized and they should go to tape fast. 

    Any thoughts? 



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  • 06/12/15--05:02: slow flashbackup of VM
  • I need a solution


    We have a slow backup situation while attempting to backup a drive a VM in a flashbackup policy. The VM drive is 4 TB (1.8 TB used) RDM LUN.The backup is running extremely slow  2-3 MB/Sec having backed up just 220 GB is over 20hrs, at this speed the backup is never going to complete in time. I have adjusted the read buffer ( followed the technote mentioned below) changing it from 32 to 1024 and then 2048 but it has made no difference. Please suggest if there's anything that I can do to improve the speed.

    Netbackup Master & Media Server : Version on Windows 2008 R2
    Client: on Windows 2008 R2

    Thank You

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    I need a solution

    I have followed this guide

    to remove old backup destinations.

    Unfortunately I didn't read the note at the end:

    NOTE: Please be aware of the following side effects of using the above steps:

    1. Client machines may lose their association with the backup policy
    2. Client machines may go into a 'Not Installed' state (seen via 'Manage Tasks' / 'Computers' view)

    Despite the above side effects, over a period of time (impossible to say how long as it depends on size of environment and what the Symantec Management Agent 'configuration' interval is set to), the client machines will regain their association to the backup policy and also regain their correct status (when the policy 'cleanup' is complete).

    It happened that 4 clients have undergon exactly the issues cited here. Even more, they completely disappeared from the management solution, like they had been deleted (but I didn't delete them, I just followed the guide and deleted their old backup destinations associations). After clicking "update" in the managament agent settings tab, they appeared again in the management solution, going to "not installed state". After rebooting them one time, they changed their state to SAFE/AT RISK depending on what was their state before. BUT! They have lost their associtation with all client polices, included backup policies. 

    What should I do? I have waited 24 h and reboteed them 5 times. Should I wait even more? or should I start to add them back manually to the policies? Why this happened? My suspect is that the policies have not been restore because in the above procedure not only their backup destinations, but also their records had been deleted from the database...

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    I need a solution


    I'm not sure what's going on here. We are having the following issue with brand new LTO6 tapes.

    A llitle bit of history. We have an infrastructure with LTO5 Tapes and TD5 drives, and two TD6 drives. So, we have just began to use LTO6 tapes. The policy storaged for the policy you can find in the description, was modified to use LTO6 tapes and it works fine. It only takes the LTO6 tapes. Those tapes goes to the TD6 drives as they should, but then, nothing works as expected. There is a robot operation failed, the tape appear as complete and finally, the paths on the drive, goes down.

    The behaviour for the LTO5 tapes seems to be fine, so there must be some kind of misconfiguration related with the LTO6 that we are missing.

    Here is the log for the operation

    06/12/2015 13:16:07 - Info nbjm (pid=30646) starting backup job (jobid=215348) for client netappd1, policy _nd1_ndmp_zimbra_snaps_cat1, schedule _nd1_ndmp_zimbra_snaps_cat1_full
    06/12/2015 13:16:07 - Info bpbrm (pid=7446) netappd1 is the host to backup data from
    06/12/2015 13:16:07 - Info bpbrm (pid=7446) reading file list from client
    06/12/2015 13:16:07 - Info bpbrm (pid=7446) starting ndmpagent on client
    06/12/2015 13:16:07 - Info ndmpagent (pid=7448) Backup started
    06/12/2015 13:16:07 - Info bpbrm (pid=7446) bptm pid: 7449
    06/12/2015 13:16:08 - Info bptm (pid=7449) start
    06/12/2015 13:16:08 - Info bptm (pid=7449) using 256 data buffers
    06/12/2015 13:16:08 - Info bptm (pid=7449) using 65536 data buffer size
    06/12/2015 13:16:08 - Info bptm (pid=7449) start backup
    06/12/2015 13:16:08 - Info bptm (pid=7449) Waiting for mount of media id TZ0151 (copy 1) on server scibkd02.
    06/12/2015 13:16:07 - Info nbjm (pid=30646) requesting STANDARD_RESOURCE resources from RB for backup job (jobid=215348, request id:{6BC1528A-10F4-11E5-B0BE-79A0A52EEE2F})
    06/12/2015 13:16:07 - requesting resource stu_netappd1
    06/12/2015 13:16:07 - requesting resource scibkd01.NBU_CLIENT.MAXJOBS.netappd1
    06/12/2015 13:16:07 - requesting resource scibkd01.NBU_POLICY.MAXJOBS._nd1_ndmp_zimbra_snaps_cat1
    06/12/2015 13:16:07 - Waiting for scan drive stop IBM.ULTRIUM-TD6.001, Media server: scibkd02
    06/12/2015 13:16:07 - granted resource  scibkd01.NBU_CLIENT.MAXJOBS.netappd1
    06/12/2015 13:16:07 - granted resource  scibkd01.NBU_POLICY.MAXJOBS._nd1_ndmp_zimbra_snaps_cat1
    06/12/2015 13:16:07 - granted resource  TZ0151
    06/12/2015 13:16:07 - granted resource  IBM.ULTRIUM-TD6.001
    06/12/2015 13:16:07 - granted resource  stu_netappd1
    06/12/2015 13:16:07 - estimated 609758707 kbytes needed
    06/12/2015 13:16:07 - Info nbjm (pid=30646) started backup (backupid=netappd1_1434107767) job for client netappd1, policy _nd1_ndmp_zimbra_snaps_cat1, schedule _nd1_ndmp_zimbra_snaps_cat1_full on storage unit stu_netappd1
    06/12/2015 13:16:07 - started process bpbrm (pid=7446)
    06/12/2015 13:16:07 - connecting
    06/12/2015 13:16:07 - connected; connect time: 0:00:00
    06/12/2015 13:16:08 - mounting TZ0151
    06/12/2015 13:16:17 - Error bptm (pid=7449) error requesting media, TpErrno = Robot operation failed
    06/12/2015 13:16:19 - Warning bptm (pid=7449) media id TZ0151 load operation reported an error
    06/12/2015 13:16:19 - current media TZ0151 complete, requesting next media Any
    06/12/2015 13:16:52 - Waiting for scan drive stop IBM.ULTRIUM-TD6.000, Media server: scibkd02
    06/12/2015 13:16:53 - Info bptm (pid=7449) Waiting for mount of media id TZ0151 (copy 1) on server scibkd02.
    06/12/2015 13:17:01 - Error bptm (pid=7449) error requesting media, TpErrno = Robot operation failed
    06/12/2015 13:16:53 - granted resource  TZ0151
    06/12/2015 13:16:53 - granted resource  IBM.ULTRIUM-TD6.000
    06/12/2015 13:16:53 - granted resource  stu_netappd1
    06/12/2015 13:16:53 - mounting TZ0151
    06/12/2015 13:17:04 - Warning bptm (pid=7449) media id TZ0151 load operation reported an error
    06/12/2015 13:17:04 - current media TZ0151 complete, requesting next media Any
    06/12/2015 13:17:37 - Error bptm (pid=7449) NBJM returned an extended error status: All compatible drive paths are down but media is available (2009)
    06/12/2015 13:17:37 - Error ndmpagent (pid=7448) NDMP backup failed, path = UNKNOWN
    06/12/2015 13:17:37 - Info bptm (pid=7449) EXITING with status 252 <----------
    06/12/2015 13:17:37 - end writing
    An extended error status has been encountered, check detailed status  (252)



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    I need a solution

    Hey guys, I am looking up info on this and I keep finidng mixed answers if BE 12.5 can be installed on Server 2012 R2. It sounds like a NO but I just want to make sure.

    Since its most likely a no, what versions of BE do support Server 2012? Is there a difference between BE 2012 and 12.5?



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    I need a solution

    I had a Windows 2003 SBS running what I think is Symantec Backup Exec 12D. On my system I have 11D client installed.

    Short story:

    Our Windows 2003 SBS machine died. At the same time our network consultant told us our backup has been failing or not happening since March 27th. I used to have a login and still have the client installed on my PC.

    I am just wondering if there is a way for me to see the job history status or whatever I can from the last time I logged into the software on my local machine? Not that there's anything useful in there, but I was just checking.

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    I need a solution

    A quick overview of my setup.  Primaster (main master server ) backing up data to media server. This SLP will then a 'replication" runs to another 5220 (drmaster) . both 5220 are on   This drmaster's SLP imports from primaster and then will 'replicate' to the 2nd DR site which is a site out of state we just set up. its windows 2012 r2 server  running   

    there are 2 servers in my domain that the images just take forever to send to the windows site.  From primaster  to the drmaster (5220's) is performed timely, but they are on SAN.  once the drmaster sends to the windows DR site, which is over where the problem starts.   

    the confusing thing is that i have other servers images that are larger and complete just fine. of course it took a few hours, but the 2 I am question has been running for days.  i had images already loaded (seeding) and have canceled the replication and let another start. But nothing changes.

    any ideas on what i can check or do?

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    I need a solution


    I have one problem with a copy job from disk to tape.

    I use two tapes for my full backup jobs. First Job is a copy of my cifs direct to tape and a couple other server jobs run first to disk and start after a copy to tape.

    The Problem comes the next day when my last server is running the copy to tape Job. BE takes the tape with my cifs, which is the one with less free space. The tape runs out of space and BE says pleas insert a new tape.

    But on tape 2 is more than enough space. I have the Problem since my cifs and the last backup won’t fit on one tape. I’m afraid that I will have the same problem with my cifs if they won’t fit on one tape.

    At the moment I cancel the disk to tape job and run it again. Then BE takes the other tape with more than enough free space. Or I take the Tape with my cifs out of my library, that BE can’t take the almost full tape.

    On that behavior I think my settings with attachment time settings are oke.

    Not sure if it’s a feature to complete copy jobs to tape only on free tapes? Or can I change this setting somewhere?

    Someone know how to deal with it, without adding another tape now and one more when the cifs needs more than one (1,39TB)tape, when all could fit on tow Tapes? My Server backups take round about 600GB. Maybe necessary, I use a MSL2024 with a pool of slots where I insert my tapes for my full backups.

    Tanks in advance!

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    I need a solution


    Master server is running on Windows 2008 R2 Standard.

    During the installation of NBU on a Linux 6 RedHat server (Media Server), it failed at the end due to Name resolution issue. It asked to run the following command to see if correct information is cached; /bpclntcmd -hn server

    When i ran this command, i see that it has cached the wrong IP address, its the one i had before i changed it. So to correct it i am trying to clear the cache by running following command:

    /bpclntcmd -clear_host_cache

    It still does not do anything, the wrong IP address remains there. Would apprecitate if someone could help me out with this. Thanks in advance.

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    I need a solution


    We have a ploblem of IBM Tape drive path ( from netbackup side) go down when 2 policies activated from same NDMP client. We use NetApp filer as NDMP clients and tape drives are directly zoned to NetApp filers and using 3-way NDMP backups. Recently upgraded to Windows 2012 R2 and Netbackup

    Any help appreciated.

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    I need a solution

    Because the system time is changed, all the tapes are expired. some tapes are passed through the import command, but the new backup image can not be written to these tapes.
    These imported status tapes can only be reused for lable again?
    who can help me ?


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    I need a solution

    Hello Experts I hope you are fine

    I need to configure a 5230 appliance to use one of the 10Gb port for AIR, my backups are comming to the apppliance using eth2 and SAN ports but I want the replication in AIR to use the 10Gb port

    Hoq can I do that? I looked at the guides but I didin´t find the solution

    Many thanks for your help

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    I need a solution

    I'm backing up two separate SQL clusters.

    Each cluster has 2 Win 2012 servers running SQL 2012. I have installed a BE agent on each server. I have four jobs for each cluster, "Server1", "Server2", "ServerCluster" and "SQLInstance". In both clusters, the server backups succeed and the SQL Instance backup succeeds. The ServerCluster backup fails with an error 2000FE07. 


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