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    I need a solution


    Does NetBackup have a feature that can backup a “deduped” volume in Optimized format.

    Optimized means that the data has been deduped.

          Start with 15 GB of data.

    1.       Optimize or Dedupe the data; Data is now 10 GB.
    2.       Backup the data, using Netbackup with no special settings; restored data is back to the 15 GB measure. (production data is unaffected.)

    Scenario:If this can be backed up in optimized fashion, that is what we would like to do and we need to test a backup and restore. we do not want Netbackup to dedupe production data or necessarily dedupe the actual backups.

    Thanks in advance,

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    I need a solution


    I have 2 Backup Exec Servers. 

    Same OS (WIndows Server 2012 Standard)

    Same Tape Drive and driver (Dell Powervault RD 1000)

    Both OS Detect the Tape drive in device manager


    But on the server with BE 15 installed, it is detected as an external storage device and therefore, not detected inside BE.

    RD 1000 external.JPG

    I have uninstalled/reinstalled the driver and rebooted the server. It is still detected as a removable storage so BE cannot see it.

    I know this is leaning towards an issue with the drive. But has anyone else experienced this?


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    I need a solution

    We've tried to restart the target machine which sports the error below; we also tried to stop and start the said writer, still got the same issue:

    Writer name: 'Microsoft Exchange Writer'
       Writer Id: {76fe1ac4-15f7-4bcd-987e-8e1acb462fb7}
       Writer Instance Id: {534eb61c-849b-4558-9a89-11b4fd9f3712}
       State: [9] Failed
       Last error: Timed out

    Currently using Exch Server 2013 CU6 run under Win 2012 R2 Standard, NBU (client/server)

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    I need a solution

    We have a huge Windows File Server and we never get a status 0, always status 1 for the backups and thus accelerator never runs to its full potential (always with forced rescan).

    To get a list of all the skipped files should help steer us in the direction of how to deal with them. Such as excluding all files that start with ~$  as they are tmp Office files.

    But the trylog as well as the media server's bpbrm log gives this entry below:

    last message being suppressed after 10 occurrences

    Is there any way we can un-suppress the output, so we can get a full list of skipped files? Must bpbrm's verbosity be increased?

    Much thanks

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    I need a solution


         Bit of a strange one this ! HP-UX Master, VMware backups using SAN transport to 5230's as the backup hosts.

    All was working ok.

    New LUN added, made visible to the appliances, cant back any VM up on new LUN. Get the status 23 error.

    My storage guy assures me LUN has same access as all other LUNs so should be ok.

    Now a few other previously working backups have started to fail. Ones residing on the old LUNs !

    I have enabled vxms logging up to 8 but all I see in the logs is below.

    Its says disk open error. I know that, just need to know why !

    Any help much appreciated - Darren

    07/21/2015 16:13:19 : setTimeouts:VMWareVIClient.cpp:110 <TRACE> : out
             07/21/2015 16:13:19 : connectToHost:VixGuest.cpp:937 <TRACE> : out
             07/21/2015 16:13:19 : openLeafSnapshotDisks:VixGuest.cpp:462 <TRACE> : connectToHost() success
             07/21/2015 16:13:19 : openLeafSnapshotDisks:VixGuest.cpp:483 <DEBUG> : Calling vdOpen(Disk: [3par_Live_LUN20] VM_NAME/VM_NAME-000002.vmdk, Flags: 0x4)
             07/21/2015 16:13:19 : vdOpen:VixInterface.cpp:437 <TRACE> : in
              07/21/2015 16:13:19 : vdOpen:VixInterface.cpp:464 <INFO> : Calling VixDiskLib_Open()
              07/21/2015 16:13:28 : vdOpen:VixInterface.cpp:471 <DEBUG> : Done with VixDiskLib_Open(): 0
              07/21/2015 16:13:28 : vdOpen:VixInterface.cpp:492 <ERROR> : VixDiskLib_Open() error: 13
              07/21/2015 16:13:28 : g_vixInterfaceLogger:libvix.cpp:1825 <DEBUG> : [VFM_ESINFO] 2015-07-21T16:13:28.476+01:00 [7FB0F153E700 trivia 'HttpConnectionPool-000000'] [DecC
    onnectionCount] Number of connections to <cs p:00007fb0e402d950, TCP:vcenter-b:443> decremented to 0

             07/21/2015 16:13:28 : vdOpen:VixInterface.cpp:437 <TRACE> : out
             07/21/2015 16:13:28 : openLeafSnapshotDisks:VixGuest.cpp:494 <DEBUG> : vdOpen() error = 13. Calling closeLeafSnapshotDisks()
             07/21/2015 16:13:28 : g_vixInterfaceLogger:libvix.cpp:1825 <DEBUG> : [VFM_ESINFO] 2015-07-21T16:13:28.476+01:00 [7FB0EBFFF700 trivia 'ThreadPool'] HandleWork() leaving

             07/21/2015 16:13:28 : closeLeafSnapshotDisks:VixGuest.cpp:382 <TRACE> : in
             07/21/2015 16:13:28 : closeLeafSnapshotDisks:VixGuest.cpp:382 <TRACE> : out
            07/21/2015 16:13:28 : openLeafSnapshotDisks:VixGuest.cpp:407 <TRACE> : out
            07/21/2015 16:13:28 : g_vixInterfaceLogger:libvix.cpp:1825 <DEBUG> : [VFM_ESINFO] 2015-07-21T16:13:28.476+01:00 [7FB0F157F700 trivia 'ThreadPool'] ThreadPool[idle:3, bus
    y_io:1, busy_long:0] HandleWork(type: 0, fun: N5boost3_bi6bind_tIvNS_4_mfi3mf3IvN7Vmacore6System14ThreadPoolAsioERKNS_10shared_ptrINS4_9ExceptionEEEiRKNS4_7FunctorIvPS8_iNS4_3Ni

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  • 07/22/15--02:57: Netbackup Reporting option
  • I need a solution


    I am looking for the option which will give me media label with the backup status as well.

    Like in Status of backup it gives policy name, schedule name, status of backup. So along with this it should give media ID also.

    Is this possible in any other tab of reporting ???

    Netbackup Master version is


    Prabodh Kulkarni

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  • 07/22/15--03:36: Duplication Jobs hung at 99%
  • I need a solution

    Hi All,

    I am struggling with the huge backup and duplication queue and then the failure with 196 issue .

    I  have one master (v , linux) connect to two netbackup appliance media server (v .

    Each media server has one one storage unit of capacity 67.199 Tb.

    After looking at the long active job I found 20 duplication jobs has occupied the storage unit on media server01 as for a long time and seems they were hanged after 99% of completetion due to which the backup were stuck and then failed. When I abort those Duplication jobs the backup which were in queue at that time starts writting .

    Max. concurrent jobs on each storage unit is 20.

    I am copying the jod detials below , please help me out.

    21/07/2015 15:42:07 - Info bpdm(pid=56598) started            
    21/07/2015 15:42:07 - started process bpdm (56598)
    21/07/2015 15:42:11 - Info bpdm(pid=56598) requesting nbjm for media         
    21/07/2015 16:25:17 - requesting resource LCM_stu_lappsnbua01_dedupe
    21/07/2015 16:25:18 - begin Duplicate
    21/07/2015 16:25:18 - granted resource LCM_stu_lappsnbua01_dedupe
    21/07/2015 16:25:18 - started process RUNCMD (4266)
    21/07/2015 16:25:19 - ended process 0 (4266)
    21/07/2015 16:25:40 - requesting resource stu_lappsnbua01_dedupe
    21/07/2015 16:25:40 - reserving resource @aaaai
    21/07/2015 16:25:46 - awaiting resource @aaaai Reason: Disk pool is unavailable, Media Server: N/A, 
         Robot Number: NONE, Robot Type: NONE, Media ID: @aaaai, Drive Name: N/A, 
         Volume Pool: N/A, Storage Unit: N/A, Drive Scan Host: N/A
    21/07/2015 16:28:02 - awaiting resource stu_lappsnbua01_dedupe - Maximum job count has been reached for the storage unit
    21/07/2015 16:29:12 - Info Duplicate(pid=4266) Initiating optimized duplication from @aaaai to @aaaag      
    21/07/2015 16:29:12 - Info bpduplicate(pid=4266) Suspend window close behavior is not supported for optimized duplications   
    21/07/2015 16:29:12 - Info bpduplicate(pid=4266) window close behavior: Continue processing the current image     
    21/07/2015 16:29:12 - reserved resource @aaaai
    21/07/2015 16:29:12 - granted resource MediaID=@aaaag;DiskVolume=PureDiskVolume;DiskPool=dp_lappsnbua01_dedupe;Path=PureDiskVolume;StorageServer=lappsnbua01;MediaServer=lappsnbua01
    21/07/2015 16:29:12 - granted resource stu_lappsnbua01_dedupe
    21/07/2015 16:29:12 - requesting resource @aaaai
    21/07/2015 16:29:12 - granted resource MediaID=@aaaai;DiskVolume=PureDiskVolume;DiskPool=dp_lappsnbua02_dedupe;Path=PureDiskVolume;StorageServer=lappsnbua02;MediaServer=lappsnbua01
    21/07/2015 17:21:13 - begin writing
    21/07/2015 17:21:13 - end writing; write time: 0:00:00
    21/07/2015 17:21:17 - begin writing
    21/07/2015 17:21:17 - end writing; write time: 0:00:00
    21/07/2015 17:21:47 - begin writing
    21/07/2015 17:22:24 - Info bpdm(pid=56598) Creating OPT_DUP_END marker          
    22/07/2015 08:36:59 - Error bpdm(pid=56598) media manager terminated by parent process       
    22/07/2015 08:36:59 - Info lappsnbua01(pid=56598) StorageServer=PureDisk:lappsnbua02; Report=PDDO Stats for (lappsnbua02): scanned: 0 KB, CR sent: 0 KB, CR sent over FC: 0 KB, dedup: 0.0%, cache disabled
    22/07/2015 09:24:05 - Error bpduplicate(pid=4266) bpduplicate terminated by signal (1)        
    22/07/2015 09:24:05 - Error bpduplicate(pid=4266) Duplicate of backupid LAPPWSDCPDB01_1437111038 failed, termination requested by administrator (150).   
    22/07/2015 09:24:05 - Error bpduplicate(pid=4266) Status = no images were successfully processed.      
    22/07/2015 09:24:05 - end Duplicate; elapsed time: 16:58:47

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    I need a solution

    Hi All,

    I am not able to do a ndmp restore .The filler is a emc vnx 5100 box.

    I am using netbackup 7.5

    I tried all the options restore everything to a differnt location and orginal location but still getting error 2850 .

    2-07-2015 11:55:08 - begin Restore
    22-07-2015 11:55:09 - 1 images required
    22-07-2015 11:55:09 - media L212L5 required
    22-07-2015 11:55:09 - restoring image INMUMTCONAS01_1437330601
    22-07-2015 11:55:10 - Info bpbrm(pid=4668) is the host to restore to
    22-07-2015 11:55:10 - Info bpbrm(pid=4668) telling media manager to start restore on client
    22-07-2015 11:55:11 - Info bpbrm(pid=4848) is the host to restore to
    22-07-2015 11:55:11 - Info bpbrm(pid=4848) start tar32 on client
    22-07-2015 11:55:11 - Info tar32(pid=4656) Restore started.
    22-07-2015 11:55:11 - connected
    22-07-2015 11:55:11 - Info bptm(pid=5100) Waiting for mount of media id L212L5 (copy 1) on server
    22-07-2015 11:55:11 - started process bptm (5100)
    22-07-2015 11:55:11 - mounting L212L5
    22-07-2015 11:55:11 - Info bptm(pid=5100) INF - Waiting for mount of media id L212L5 on server for reading.
    22-07-2015 11:55:11 - requesting resource L212L5
    22-07-2015 11:55:11 - granted resource L212L5
    22-07-2015 11:55:11 - granted resource HP.ULTRIUM5-SCSI.000
    22-07-2015 11:56:39 - mounted; mount time: 00:01:28
    22-07-2015 11:56:39 - Info bptm(pid=5100) L212L5
    22-07-2015 11:56:40 - Info bptm(pid=5100) INF - Waiting for positioning of media id L212L5 on server for reading.
    22-07-2015 11:56:40 - positioning L212L5 to file 4
    22-07-2015 11:57:37 - positioned L212L5; position time: 00:00:57
    22-07-2015 11:57:37 - begin reading
    22-07-2015 11:57:39 - Info ndmpagent(pid=4656) INF - Restoring NDMP files from /root_vdm_1/ISMUMBAI
    22-07-2015 11:57:59 - Error ndmpagent(pid=4656) failed to connect to NDMP server, connect error = -1003 (Unable to connect to NDMP server)
    22-07-2015 11:57:59 - Error ndmpagent(pid=4656) NDMP restore failed from path /root_vdm_1/ISMUMBAI
    22-07-2015 11:58:04 - Info ndmpagent(pid=4656) done. status: 25: cannot connect on socket
    22-07-2015 11:58:04 - Info bpbrm(pid=4668) got ERROR 5 from media manager
    22-07-2015 11:58:04 - Info bpbrm(pid=4668) terminating bpbrm child 4848 jobid=754
    22-07-2015 11:58:04 - Error bpbrm(pid=4668) could not open event Global\NetBackup Terminate Event, pid: 4848, The system cannot find the file specified.
    22-07-2015 11:58:04 - restored image INMUMTCONAS01_1437330601 - (the restore failed to recover the requested files(5)); restore time 00:02:55
    22-07-2015 11:58:07 - end Restore; elapsed time: 00:02:59
    Restore error(2850)

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    I need a solution

    Hello my friends,

    I need to know What operatind systems(SO) are supported with this version Symantec Backup Exec 2010 R3?

    Thank you


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    I need a solution


    I am pretty new to Symantec backup EXEC 2014. 

    I have a SQL Server 2005 instance on my PROD server. I have been given a task to migrate databases from that instance to a different box (SQL Server 2008 R2 on Windows 2008 R2). The current instance has over 8 database which backs up  every night.

    is there something called .BAK file that it creates while backing up the database? i am tyring to find one but wasnt able to. i was told that it doenst create the .BAK file using Symantec tool.

    Now where do i go to find the file thats been backed up and restore it onto the new SQL Server 2008 R2 instance? 

    What is the best approach to migrate all databases in single shot from SQL server 2005 to 2008R2

    SQL1 is the SQL server 2005 Service pack 2

    SQL 2 is the SQL server 2008R2 service pack 1.

    I would apprecaiate if you could advice, me how to do upgrade or migration using Symantec backup EXEC 2014.

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    I need a solution


    I upgraded from 2014 to 15 and seemed to go well...just an odbc error about the catalogs and I just conducted a catrebuildindex -r to see if that fixes it.  Other than that, can someone explain what the .prev file extension in the catalogs folder is for?  Is it for retention?

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    I need a solution

    We have B.Exec 2012 installed on our network.

    I decided to test SDR, so I installed it on a Windows 2008 R2 stand-alone server  [2012 - Version 14 Rev 1798 (64-bit) ].  My storage device is a USB external. I started a Full backup of the media server. And it wrote about 12 GB to the BEData folder. As it was still a job in process, I was looking at some config settings and the prog file hung. Regrettably, I had to hard boot the server.

    Here is my question

    I re-run the same job and it stays in queued status. I cancel job.

    I delete the job and create a new Full and that job stays in queued status. I cancel job.

    I stop/start all services and  job stays in a queued status. I cancel job.

    I reboot and create a tiny job to back-up and job stays in queued status.

    Any ideas to get past this so I can start testing SDR?

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    I need a solution

    Im trying to boot my SRD 2013 11.0.1 on a new HP Proliat DL160 Gen9 and dont recognize the Keyboard or Mouse. I cant do anything because of that. i Disable the USB 3.0 feature on the the server and stay the same issue. 

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  • 07/23/15--00:30: windows failed to start
  • I need a solution

    I used backup exec system recovery to convert virtual to physical ,

    in the virtual server used BESR 2010 install agent and run backup all system and used SRD (symantec recovery disk) in the physical server and then after recovery the physical server is reboot after that the physical server cannot start up ,have the error "Windows failed to Start ......"

    Please help me !!

    damrongpol s.

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  • 07/23/15--02:06: backup exec 15
  • I need a solution

    Hi ,

    I recently upgraded my Backup Exec 2014 t0 Backup Exec 15 and now my expired backup sets are not longer deleted automatically.
    Anyone here that can help me with my problem?


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    I need a solution


    I plan to get one (1) server with 30+ drives to run my Oracle Database & Backup Exec 15 applications.

    For sure this is not the best practice but I force to deploy this set-up as of the moment.


    1. Can I install  Symantec BE 15 & Oracle 11G R2 on the same server? And do backups on my Oracle Database?

    2. Will I be able to do backups on my Oracle Database to my Tape Library which directly attached to the sever via SAS?

    3. As I understand I will just need the following licenses:

       - 1x Agent for application & database

       - 1x Symantec Backup Exec 15

    4. Are there other things I should consider?



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    I need a solution

    Hello all,

    I have some problem with duplication from a DataDomain to another DataDomain. The duplication sometimes work fine and sometimes no, but in both case I have a weird message in the Job Details:

    07/23/2015 10:44:32 - Info bpduplicate (pid=14220) Suspend window close behavior is not supported for optimized duplications
    07/23/2015 10:44:32 - Info bpduplicate (pid=14220) window close behavior: Continue processing the current image

    I attacched one job ended fine and one bed. I also tried a manual duplication and in this case the message not compare and work all fine.

    Please I ask you, which logs I can look as help ?

    below some information:

    Master server: OS Linux Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.8 (Tikanga); NBU; Plugin DDboost Vendor Version:;

    Media Server: OS Win Server 2008 R2 Standard; NBU; Plugin DDboost Vendor Version: (I will update with last version but I don't think that it is the cause of issue).

    Tx !!!

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    I need a solution


    I'm trying to find what could be triggering the above error in Backup Exec 2010.

    It happens when we backup a local server and to a USB removal Hard drive.

    Backup2Disk has been set to split the backup files in to 50GB due to performance issue, error seems to happan after the first 50-70GB error seems to happen arround these sizes of the backup.



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    I need a solution

    Dear All,

      We are facing the below  issue while restoring data from tapes Media Read error(85), eventthough the media has data which has a retention period of 6 months Please help us three days we are struggling we are not able to restore a single data from tapes. Please find teh below logs

    7/23/2015 8:50:11 PM - begin Restore
    7/23/2015 8:50:14 PM - 1 images required
    7/23/2015 8:50:14 PM - media O988L5 required
    7/23/2015 8:50:16 PM - restoring image XYZABC_1427576616
    7/23/2015 8:50:18 PM - Info bpbrm(pid=12208) XYZBCK is the host to restore to      
    7/23/2015 8:50:18 PM - Info bpbrm(pid=12208) telling media manager to start restore on client     
    7/23/2015 8:50:18 PM - Info bpbrm(pid=12956) XYZBCK is the host to restore to      
    7/23/2015 8:50:19 PM - connecting
    7/23/2015 8:50:20 PM - Info bpbrm(pid=12956) start tar32 on client         
    7/23/2015 8:50:21 PM - Info bptm(pid=14180) Waiting for mount of media id O988L5 (copy 1) on server
    7/23/2015 8:50:21 PM - started process bptm (14180)
    7/23/2015 8:50:21 PM - mounting O988L5
    7/23/2015 8:50:21 PM - requesting resource O988L5
    7/23/2015 8:50:21 PM - granted resource O988L5
    7/23/2015 8:50:21 PM - granted resource HP.ULTRIUM5-SCSI.002
    7/23/2015 8:50:22 PM - Info bptm(pid=14180) INF - Waiting for mount of media id O988L5 on server for reading.
    7/23/2015 8:50:23 PM - Info tar32(pid=13576) Restore started.           
    7/23/2015 8:50:23 PM - connected; connect time: 00:00:04
    7/23/2015 8:51:31 PM - Error bptm(pid=14180) tapemark or blank tape encountered reading media header, drive index 3  
    7/23/2015 8:51:31 PM - Info tar32(pid=13576) done. status: 0          
    7/23/2015 8:51:31 PM - Info bpbrm(pid=12208) child done, status 0         
    7/23/2015 8:51:34 PM - Info bpbrm(pid=12208) got ERROR 85 from media manager       
    7/23/2015 8:51:34 PM - restored image XYZABC_1427576616 - (media read error(85)); restore time 00:01:18
    7/23/2015 8:51:35 PM - Warning bprd(pid=11712) Restore must be resumed prior to first image expiration on 10/1/2015 2:33:36 AM
    7/23/2015 8:51:35 PM - end Restore; elapsed time: 00:01:24
    Restore error(2850)

    We are using windows server 2008 Enterprise and Tape Library HP MSL 8096, Please help us urgent

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    I need a solution

    I have some questions about best practices and how incremental backups work with removable media.

    So we have a total of four USB HDDs. These are split into two pools, "Drive Pool A" and "Drive Pool B". At the end of each day, one of our employees is responsible for taking home both the disks from one pool. The next day he plugs those disks back in and removes the disks from the other pool and takes those home. 

    My question is how should I set this up with differential or incremental backups? 

    I can provide more info if required. Thanks.

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